Monday 7 August 2023

Check the JKSSB Forester Exam Date 2023 with Court Case Updates

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 JKSSB in No Mood to conduct Forester Exam in 2023? Get the Complete Updates on Court Case and Exam Date updates of the JKSSB Forester Exam.

Corruption, Delays, Not conducting the Exams on Time, and Court Cases have become a routine with JKSSB. JKSSB has become a headache for both Job Aspirants as well as Government. It is high time, that JKSSB should be bundled up for once and all and just like Ladakh, Recruitment for Government Jobs in J&K should be given to Staff Selection Commission. 

For the last One year, aspirants have been running from Pillar to Post for getting the exams conducted by JKSSB, but the callous attitude is ruining the future of hard-working job seekers. To put the long story short, JKSSB is the mother of Lethargy, Mismanagement and Jobs Scams in J&K.

Now let's come to Today's post about the JKSSB Forester Exam 2023 Update and when the exam is likely to be held. 

When JKSSB Forester Exam will be held?

Well the decision-making power regarding the conduct of the exam, lies with the JKSSB, but my gut feeling suggests that there is no possibility of getting the forester exam held in 2023. Thanks to the litigations and JKSSB's casual approach toward the exam. 

It is pertinent to mention here that the Selection of the Forester Posts has been stayed by the Honourable bench of CAT Srinagar and this is the reason till date there is a no announcement of Forester Exam dates 2023.

Why the Forester Posts have Stayed?

Some aspirants have approached the CAT Srinagar Bench and filled an application demanding a stay on these posts over the Recruitment Rules. These aspirants  demand that the minimum qualification for these posts shall be Changed to 

"Bachelors degree in Science or Equivalent qualification with at least one of the subject in Forestry, Botany, Zoology, Agriculture, Bio-Technology, Environmental Science, Horticulture, Science Subject as directed by J&K HC order dated 14-12-2017

However, JKSSB advertised these posts with Basic Qualification as 10+2 with Science subject.

It is being reiterated that the Aspirants who have stayed these posts belong to B Sc (Forestry) Background or Science ground and this is why they want it to be changed in their favour. Obviously, the Higher Qualification simply means a lesser number of candidates applying for these posts and which in turn means Less competition. 

When is the Next JKSSB Forester Hearing Scheduled?

As per the Latest Tribunal order, the next hearing for JKSSB Forester posts is scheduled on 4th October 2023, with the Last hearing held on 4th August 2023. So, there is a 2-month big gap between the two hearings. 

There is a an interesting thing, which i have noticed in this matter, is that there are more than 5 instances when None appears for the Applicants (Nether the Aspirants now their Counsel), and this lead to the adjournment of the case. This also puts a question mark on the Aspirants who have stayed in these posts. If you people are not appearing on the Case dates, then how justice will be delivered. There is also a big possibility, that they might be doing it intentionally.

Again, it is a matter of grave concern that Original Application was filed on 31st August, 2022 and its a year, and the matter still remains undecided. So Big Question marks on the Judiciary system too.

When can we expect the JKSSB Forester Exams?

Forester posts being stayed by the court has put the future of over 1 lakh candidates at stake. There by causing Depression and Anxiety among candidates. It is high time, government should intervene and get this matter settled up once and for all. 

As i have told you at the very start of this post, my gut feeling is that there won't be any JKSSB Forester Exam in 2023, so you have to wait till 2024 when there may be a possibility that JKSSB may conduct the Forester Exam.

As per the Criteria for Forester posts, Firstly, there shall be a Phiycial test for these posts, and only those who qualify for the Walk test will proceed to the next stage of examination. 

Updates ?

We have made this page to provide updates on the Physical test, Written test, and Court Case updates of the Forester posts. Once there is a suitable update we will post it on this website and you will be communicated according. 

If you have any queries, feel free to ask us in the comments section below

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