Wednesday 9 August 2023

JKSSB Exam Calendar 2023 (Fresh Exams to start from this date)

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Looking for JKSSB Exam Datesheet? It looks difficult for JKSSB to conduct any exams in 2023.  Thanks to the Court Case

Job Aspirants of Jammu and Kashmir, it is your bad luck, that Public employment in J&K, comes under JKSSB, which is the worst recruitment board in India. Corruption, Delays, and Malpractices have become routine with JKSSB. Gone are the days of Transparency in Recruitments during the period of 2017-18 (When Simrandeep Singh was the Head of JKSSB), these days, Jobs are sold for money, which is evident from the JKSSB Scams of 2022, be it Finance Accounts Assistant, J.E (Jal Shakti) and JKP Sub-Inspector. These are the only ones that came to light, think of numerous scams that were never reported and scammers are sitting on various administrative positions without any merit, and grabbed the place of hardworking aspirants. 

This is the pain that every hardworking Job seeker in J&K is feeling these Days and many candidates are eagerly waiting for the announcement of the JKSSB Exam Calendar for 2023. It is pertinent to mention here that the previous exam calendar which was released in Feb 2023, was deferred and exams were put on hold. Thanks to the Whistleblowers (Aspirants), who put the curtain off and exposed the illicit relationship between the Scammers, JKSSB and blacklisted firm Aptech. Currently, the subject matter is in Court and it is only after the directions from the court, JKSSB can proceed for the examination process.

As per the latest update, the Next hearing in the Aptech case is scheduled on 17th August, 2023. It is only after the Final Court order, we can expect the JKSSB Exam Calendar 2023

In this post, we will share the Complete Details regarding the Upcoming JKSSB Exam Calendar, and various exams along with their timetable

Current Update Regarding JKSSB Calendar 2023

As per the Latest update on 9th August 2023, the next hearing of the JKSSB Case is scheduled to be held on 17th August 2023 and it looks that this shalll be the Final hearing, as the court order, reads that there shall be no more adjournments to be made on the asking of parties and Cases will be decided on next hearing on the basis of merit only.

It is pertinent to mention here that on the Last hearing of JKSSB Case was held on 7th August 2023 and now the next hearing is scheduled on 17th August, and all the aspirants are hoping that it could be the last hearing. Here is the Court Order

It is only after the Final Judgement that we can expect the JKSSB  to announce the Exam dates for JKSSB Exams. 

When JKSSB Exam Calendar will be released?

Well, there is a specific time frame, that JKSSB has set for the announcement of the Exam Calendar, but going by the recent developments, it is expected that JKSSB may announce the Exam calendar for the upcoming exams in the month of August, or September. Much depends upon the outcome of the court case. If the case is decided soon, we can expect the calendar anytime, after the court order.

Recently LG of J&K Shri Manoj Sinha ji, while replying to a Query have informed that JKSSB will issue the Exam Calendar in the coming 15 days. This statement was made in the second week of July and to date there is no announcement of the Exam calendar by the Service Selection Board.

So, going by this dilly-dallying approach of JKSSB regarding the conduct of exams, it looks less possible of exams being conducted in the coming 2 to 3 months. However, if there is any Notification issued by JKSSB in the meantime, we will update you accordingly.

How to get the JKSSB Exam Calendar Update Notification?

As soon as the JKSSB issue the exam calendar, the news and pdf will get viral in no time. You will get the Calendar on your Telegram and Whatsapp groups that you have joined. Many time, rumor mongers, issues Fake PDFs and circulate in Social Media group, so be careful and verify the information from genuine sources only.

Here are the Top Sources where you can get updates on the Upcoming JKSSB Exam dates 2023.

1) JKSSB Website: Just Google "JKSSB" and open the first link "". If you find the calendar on this website, then it is genuine.

2) Newspaper: JKSSB regularly publishes their Notification and updates through Print media also. Make sure you check the Daily newspapers of J&K like Amar Ujala, Daily Excelsior, Greater Kashmir, etc. 

3) JKSSB Twitter Handle: If you are active on Twitter, then you should also follow the Official handle of JKSSB on Twitter. Many fake handles are also there. Follow the one, given in the image below.

Applicants should also note, that dates given in the JKSSB Exam Calendar are tentative and subject to changes. The exact exam date of a particular post is separately announced by JKSSB through a Notification. 

Which JKSSB Exams are likely to be held in 2023?

JKSSB will first focus on those exams, that have more pendency, than those that are advertised recently. Other criteria, that JKSSB may choose, for conducting the exams are the posts that have a large number of applicants. 

Here is the List of JKSSB Exams, that are prioritized to be held in 2023-24

1) Accounts Assistant (Finance)

2) Sub-Inspector (Police)

3) Sub-Inspector (Finance)

4) Inspector (Finance)

5) Stock Assistant & Veterinary Pharmacist


We have made this page, to provide updates on the Upcoming JKSSB Exam Calendar 2023. Whenever there is any updates by the JKSSB regarding the exam dates, we will immediately update on this page. In case, you have any queries, to ask us in the comments section. 

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