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500 Most Expected Questions for JKSSB Exams 2018


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Forget 100 Expected Questions for JKSSB Exams.

Its Time for 500 Most Expected Questions for Upcoming JKSSB Exam on 27th April, 2017 for Graduate Level Posts.

We all know, JKSSB is going to conduct the Written Exam for Graduate Level posts on 27th April, 2017 and there is expectation, that over fifty Thousand candidates may appear for this exam. That means, there is Cut throat competition in the JKSSB Exam. 

Last time, when the JKSSB Graduate Level Exam was held, we shared 100 Expected Questions for the exam and Today, in this post, we will be sharing 500 Expected Questions for Upcoming JKSSB Exam on 27th April, 2017, 2017. 

And in our upcoming posts, we will share the Expected Questions from Computer section as well.

It is worth mentioning here that JKSSB had earlier scheduled this exam on 5th March, 2017, but later it was postponed, and now this exam, will be conducted on 27th April, 2017 from 2:00 Pm to 4:30 PM. Meanwhile, JKSSB had also released the Call Letter and Center List for the exam. For Details, you can read our previous post on JKSSB Admit Cards 2017, where, we have discussed in detail the step by step process for Downloading the Call letters for JKSSB Exams. 

Why you should Read these Questions ?

The Questions, that we are going to share in this post are from J&K General Knowledge Section only.
  • It is expected that 70 to 80 % of Questions from J&K General Knowledge Section may be asked from these Expected Questions. Its Just a probability and we advise you to Prepare all the Topics.
  • We have compiled the Questions in such a way that it covers All the Topics of J&K GK Section.
  • It is a must revise before you appear for the exam, to test your preparation for the exam.

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J&K General Knowledge: 20 Marks

As per the New Syllabus of JKSSB Graduate Level Exam J&K General Knowledge section carries a weightage of 20 Marks. ie 20 Questions will be asked from J&K GK Section. 

If, you look at the J&K GK Syllabus, then you will find that this section has a limited syllabus and is considered to be a high scoring section of the exam. If, you manage to get 16 to 18 questions correct in this section, then it will be considered as a Very Good Attempt.

And These Expected Questions will make sure that you will get approximately 70 to 80 % Questions from this compiled list of 500 Questions. Along with GK Questions and Answers, then we suggest you to Buy this Best Selling J&K GK Book for JKSSB Exam on 27th April, 2017

We have Covered all the Topics of J&K General Section as given below.

(1) Lakes and Rivers of J&K  

(2) Tourist and Historical Places of J&K 

(3) Constitution of J&K

(4) Jammu and Kashmir RTI Act 

(5) History of J&K

(6) Indus Water Treaty 

(7) Important Crops, Climate and Transport

(8) Important Power Projects of J&K 

500 Most Expected Questions from J&K General Knowledge (A Must Go through)

We will discuss Section wise Questions from J&K GK Section. 

In this post we are sharing questions on Indus Water Treaty, RTI Act and Lakes and Rivers and Lakes. and Our upcoming posts, will have Questions on other Topics of J&K General Knowledge section.

(I) Expected Questions on Indus Water Treaty 

1) Indus Water Treaty is a water sharing treaty between which countries?

Ans India and Pakistan

2) Who acts as a Mediator, in the Indus Water treaty?

Ans World Bank, previously known as International Bank for Reconstruction and Development.

3) On which Date, Indus Water treaty was signed?

Ans 19th Sept, 1960

4) Who were the Signatories to Indus Water Treaty?

Ans Pt. Jawahar Lal Nehru and General Ayub Khan.

5) Who can given the concept of Indus Water treaty?

Ans David Lilienthal

6) Who was the president of World Bank at the time of singing the treaty?

Ans E. R Black

7) Which rivers are involved in Indus Water treaty?

Ans Western Rivers: Indus, Jhelum and Chenab
Eastern Rivers: Ravi, Sutlej and Beas

8) As per the provisions of treaty, India was given control of which rivers?

Ans Eastern Rivers (Ravi, Sutlej and beas)

9) Which rivers are allocated to Pakistan for exclusive use?

Ans Western Rivers (Chenab, Jhelum and Sindh)

10) How much water India can use from the Indus River?

Ans 20%

11) What is the duration of transition period in which India was bound to supply water to Pakistan from eastern rivers?

Ans 10 years

12) Who is the governing body for Indus Water treaty?

Ans Indus Water Commission

13) Who was the President of Pakistan at the time of singing the treaty?

Ans Ayub Khan

14) Which navigation project is stopped in 1984 due to Indus Water treaty?

Ans Tulbul Navigation Project

15) Which Indian state is worst affected by the Indus Water treaty?

Ans Jammu and Kashmir

16) Which country received one time Compensation, as per the Indus Water Treaty?

Ans Pakistan

17) Why the 10 year Transitions period was given to Pakistan?

Ans For Building the Canal system for Western rivers

18) When did the 10 year Transition period ended?

Ans 31st March, 1970

19) In case of dispute between 2 countries regarding Indus Water treaty, which is the next higher authority to intervene?

Ans International Court

20) Recently Pakistan had approached World Bank flagging concerns for which power project?

Ans Kishanganaga project

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(II) Expected Questions on J&K RTI Act

21) When the RTI Act was first enacted in J&K?

Ans: 7th Jan, 2004

22) Who was appointed as the First Chief Information Commissioner of J&K?

Ans G R Sufi

23) When the J&K RTI Act 2004 came into force?

Ans: 30th June, 2005.

24) What is the application fee for filing RTI Application?

Ans Rs 10

25) In which Language, we can file the RTI application?

Ans English, Hindi and Urdu

26) What is the Time Frame for Public Authority to reply to the RTI Application?

Ans 30 Days

27) When JK RTI Act 2009 came into force?

Ans 20th March, 2009

28) Under which section of RTI Act 2009, an applicant can make a request for obtaining Information?

Ans : Section-6

29) What is the mode of payment of Application fees?

Ans: Postal Order, Bank Draft, or against a proper receipt

30) Under which section of RTI Act 2009, public authority is bound to provide information?

Ans Section3

31) How many chapters are there is J&K RTI Act 2009?

Ans: 5 Chapters

32) Which section provides Exemption from Disclosure of Information?

Ans Section-8

That means, If, you ask for information, that falls, in Section-8 and 9, will be rejected

33) What is the time frame for providing information, if it relates to the Life and Liberty of a person?

Ans 48 hours

34) Which section deals with the appointment of State Information commissioner?

Ans Section 12(5)

35) As per J&K RTI Act 2009, Who is a Third Party?

Ans : A person other than citizen making request for information

36) In case, you are not satisfied with information provided by public authority, what you can do?

Ans: You have to make the First appeal to Appellate authority.

37) Which section gives the rule making power to the J&K Government?

Ans: Section-24

38) Which Chapter deals to Right to Information and Obligation of Public Authorities?

Ans  Section II

39) What is the penalty provision under the J&K RTI Act 2009?

Ans For each day of delay in providing information, PIO had to pay a penalty of Rs 250 Per Day, and maximum amount should not exceed Rs 25000.

40) Which section provides for removal of State Chief Information Commissioner?

Ans: Section 14

41) Which section deals with Powers and Functions of Information Commission?

Ans Section-15

42) Which section provides for making an appeal to public authority?

Ans Section 16

43) What is the Time specified for making the First appeal ?

Ans Within 30 Days of getting the reply of RTI Application.

44) Which section deals with the Jurisdiction of courts?

Ans Section 20

45) Which part of J&K RTI Act deal with Miscellaneous Information?

Ans Chapter-V

46) Which section deals with Third Part Information?

Ans Section 11

47) Which section provides that ACT not to apply to a few organizations?

Ans Section-21

48) Which Chapter Deals with Preliminary Information?

Ans Chapter-I (Section 1 & 2)

49) Which Section provides relief to Information Seekers for Protection of Action taken in good faith?

Ans: Section-18

50) Which section provides for Obligation of public authorities?

Ans: Section-4

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(II) Expected Questions on Rivers and Lakes of J&K

51) Which river in also known as Suryaputri?

Ans Tawi River

52) Which river is popularly known as “The Veth” in Local Language?

Ans Jhelum

53) Sindh (Indus) river has its tributary in Ladakh known as?

Ans Zanskar Nallah

54) From where the Chenab Originates?

Ans Snowbed Baralacha (Pangi Valley in Chamba)

55) From where River Tawi Originates?

Ans Kali Kundi Glacier near Sewajdhar in Baderwah (Doda District)

56) At which point Kishanganga Joins Jehlum?

Ans Domel

57) From where river Jhelum Originates?

Ans Spring in Verinag (Anantnag)

58) Which river is also known as “Chandrbhaga”

Ans Chenab

59) What is the origin of Kishanganga river ?

Ans Drea Mountains (Drass)

60) River Ravi is also known as ?

Ans Iravati

61) Which Lake is connected with Jhelum by a canal near Sumbal ?

Ans Mansabal Lake

62) From where Indus Originates?

Ans Mansarovar Lake in Tibet

63) Ujh River that flows in Kathua and then Enters Pakistan is branch of which river?

Ans: Ravi

64) Which river flows into Wular Lake ?

Ans Jhelum

65) Which river flows in Pahalgam ?

Ans Liddar river

66) Which river is also called the “river of Death” ?

Ans Shyok River

67) Origin of Nubra River ?

Ans Sicahen Glacier

68) Which river is known as “Veetesta” in Sanskrit ?

Ans Jhelum

69) From Where the SHYOK River Originates

Ans Rimo Glacier

70) Nubra river is a tributary of which river?

Ans Shyok river

71) Kishanganaga river is also known as?

Ans Neelam river

72) Which river Joins the Indus near Nimmu in Ladakh?

Ans Zanskar river

73) At which place Nubra river merges with Shyok river?

Ans Lughzheum

74) From where the Suru River Originates

Ans Penzella Galcier near Pensi la

75) Drass River is a tributary of which river ?

Ans Suru river

76) Mansabal Lake is famous for 

Ans Lotus

77) Which is the largest fresh water Lake in Asia ?

Ans Wular lake

78) Which lake is Srinagar is a world famous Tourist destination ?

Ans Dal Lake

79) Which lake of Jammu Region has a Sheshnag Temple ?

Ans Mansar Lake

80) Tulbul Navigation Project is built on which lake?

Ans Wular Lake

81) Name of “Mansabal” Lake is derived from

Ans Mansarovar

82) Which Lake is situated at the foothill of Mount Harmukh

Ans Gangabal Lake

83) Which lake is located enroute to Amarnath Cave?

Ans Sheshnag

84) Where is Mansabal Lake situated?

Ans Ganderbal District

85) Neelnag Lake is located in which District?

Ans Budgam

86) Anchar Lake, located near the Soura area of Srinagar city is connected with the famous Dal lake via a channel known as?

Ans Amir Khan Nallah

87) Which Lake is shaped like an Almond ?

Ans Tarsar Lake in Aru, Anantnag

88) Which Lake is known as “Vishnupad” ?

Ans Kausar nag

89) Which is the largest saltwater lake of Asia?

Ans Pangong TSO

90) Mansar Lake is also known as ?

Ans Mansarovar

91) Which is the Deepest Lake in Kashmir ?

Ans Mansabal lake

92) Where is Sansar Lake Located? 

Ans Patnitop

93) Which Lake is a source of water supply to Srinagar city?

Ans Harwan lake

94) In which district Hokersar lake is situated?

Ans Baramulla

95) Which Lake is also known as “Harmukh Ganga”?

Ans Gangabal Lake

96) Which are the main Tributaries of river Jhelum?

Ans Vishaw, Roumushi, Doodhganga, Sukhnag, Lidar, Sind and Ferozpur nallah

97) Marsar Lake flows into which river ?

Ans Lidar

98) Sokh and Dokh Lakes, situated on Harmukh mountains is associated with which Hindu Deity?

Ans Goddess Parvati
99) Which Lake is located near the Mansar Lake in Jammu Region?

Ans Surinsar lake.

100) In which valley is Yarab Tso Lake situated?

Ans Nubra Valley

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Here, we complete with the First 100 Expected Questions for JKSSB Graduate Level Exam on 5th June, 2017.

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