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JKSSB Accounts Assistant ( Finance) Syllabus 2021 : Download Here


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Big News: JKSSB Accounts Assistant Syllabus 2021 Announced. Here is the Latest and Revised Syllabus for Accounts Assistant (Finance

Update: On 30th Dec, 2020 JKSSB has uploaded the Revised Syllabus of Finance Accounts Assistant on this Official Website. Changes in the Syllabus are at major Level. Mathematics with 15 Marks and Reasoning with 10 Marks added as additional Sections.


If you are an Accounts Assistant Aspirant in J&K then we have some Big News for you, the much-awaited JKSSB Accounts Assistant Syllabus (Finance) has been released by JKSSB on 30th Dec 2020. It looks JKSSB is playing the Hide and Seek Game with the Aspirants. Soon after the announcement of JKSSB Advt 04 of 2020 that has some 900+ Accounts Assistant Posts in the Finance Department. After a few days, JKSSB has released the Syllabus and then removed it Now JKSSB has uploaded another Syllabus for Accounts Assistants.

This Syllabus of Finance Accounts Assistant looks balanced one, as there is Weightage for Subjects Like Accounting, Computers, Economics and Statistics. Though the Higher Weightage is given to J&K GK (20 Marks) , while the remaining sections will have 15 Marks Each,other than Reasoning that is of 10 Marks.

The Syllabus that is released by JKSSB Today is the same syllabus, then went viral on Social Media in August 2019. So, if you have been studying that Syllabus, then it is good news for you, that the Syllabus is now officially approved by JKSSB. So you can continue your preparation with this Official Syllabus. 

Applicants willing to apply for Finance Accounts Assistant Syllabus should read this post till the end as here we will discuss the Detailed Syllabus of Accounts Assistants. Applicants should note that this Syllabus is completely Revised and Latest as per the Official Notification.

JKSSB Accounts Assistant Syllabus 2021 Announced

Here is the Revised Section-wise JKSSB Syllabus for Accounts Assistant (Finance)

S No.




General Knowledge with reference to J&K






General Economics







Knowledge of Computer



Accountancy and Book Keeping



General Science



Mental Ability and Reasoning


How this Syllabus is Different from the Previous Syllabus?

In 202, when JKSSB conducted the Accounts Assistant (Panchayat) Exam, the focus was made on Accountancy and J&K GK having a weightage of 60 Marks. But this time, these are posts exclusively in the Finance Department, this time the Syllabus is more balanced.

So a change in the Syllabus was expected.

Moreover, Eligibility criteria for Accounts Assistants was also changed. In previous years Notifications, A Simple Graduate is eligible to apply for Account Assistant. But from now onwards, Only those who have a Degree in Management, Computers, Commerce and those having studied Maths, Economics and Statistics as Subjects in Degree can apply. For more details on Eligibility criteria, you can read our previous post on Who can apply for JKSSB Panchayat Accounts Assistant Exam 2020 ?

As the Qualification is changed, So is the Syllabus and Latest Syllabus has New Sections Like 

i) Accountancy and Book-Keeping (15 Marks)
ii) General Economics (15 Marks)
iii) Mathematics : 15 Marks 
iv) Statistics (15 Marks)

Other Sections of the Syllabus are 

i) J&K General Knowledge (20 Marks)
ii) Computer Applications (15 Marks)
iii) General Science (Bio, Chemistry, Physics) : 15 Marks
iv) Reasoning: 10 Marks

First Look at the Syllabus suggests, it is more compatible to Commerce Students  as 50% of the Syllabus is Subject Specific and carved out from the Commerce Subjects, While the rest of the Syllabus is General Like J&K GK, Science and Computer, which you often find in Other JKSSB Exams 

What is Changed in the Syllabus?

As we have mentioned above, Changes in the Syllabus are very minor, But the major change is made in the Eligibility criteria for this post. Earlier the Qualification for Accounts Assistant Posts : B Com/M com,BBA/MBA, BCA/MCA or any other Degree with Maths, Economics and stats as one of the Subjects.

Now the Revised Criteria is "Degree in any discipline with 50% Marks"

As far as Changes in Syllabus is concerned. Only One Topic in J&K GK Section is Changed.

"J&K Constitution Topic is replaced with the India Constitution"

And this seems to be a Good Decision as Post Article 370 abrogation, "Constitution of J&K" does not exist. So asking questions on this topic is not wise enough.

So, that's a good decision. The Detailed JKSSB Accounts Assistant Syllabus is given below.

When the Accounts Assistant Posts will be Announced?

Short Answer: May, 2020

This is the one question, that every Accounts Assistant Aspirant wants to Know. As the Syllabus is announced, this means Notification can be announced any time.

Even JKSSB has clearly mentioned that Posts are already received by the JKSSB and now it is a matter of time when these posts will be announced. As the Domicile and Reservation Rules are announced, so there is every possibility that posts will be announced soon. We are expecting that JKSSB will announce the Panchayat Accounts Assistant Recruitment in May, 2020.

So gear up for the Upcoming Accounts Assistant Jobs and JKSSB Recruitment 2020 for 50,000 Jobs 

Topic Wise Syllabus for JKSSB Finance Accounts Assistant Exam 2020

(I) General Knowledge with special reference to J&K (30 Marks)

i) Popular names of personalities (Religion, Politics, Scientific discoveries Geographical, Sports, History) 
ii) Centrally Sponsored Schemes- Guidelines and objectives. 
iii)  Climate and Crops in J&K and India. 
iv) 73rd and 74th amendment of the Constitution of India.
v) Flora and Fauna of J&K
vi) Rivers and Lakes
vii) Important Tourist Destinations.
viii) J&K Reorganization Act, 2019
ix) J&K Panchayati Raj Act, 1989(as amended upto December, 2020 and rules)
x) Weather, Climate, Crops and Means of Transport.
xi) Current events of Local, National and International Importance.
xii) J&K History, Economy and Culture

(II) Statistics (15 Marks)

i) Primary and Secondary Data 
ii)Tabulation and compilation of data.
iii) Measures of Central Tendency
iv) Theory of Probability. 
v) Correlation and Regression: Concept and Simple Applications
vi) Theory of Attributes: Basics concept and their applications
vii) Theory of Index Numbers: Tests of Index Numbers-Wholesale and Consumer Price Index Numbers
Viii) Vital Statistics Measures of fertility, Crude Fertility Rates, specific fertility rates, Gross and net reproduction rates, Measures of Mortality
ix) Demography Census, its feature and functions

(III) Knowledge of Computer Applications (15 Marks)

i) Introduction and Objectives
ii) Basic Application of Computer and its components
iii) Fundamental of Computer Sciences
iv) Hardware and Software, Concept of Open Source Technologies
v) Input and Output Devices
vi) Knowledge of MS Word, MS Excel, MS Access, MS PowerPoint, PDF Internet and E mail 
vii) Concept of Computer Virus and Latest Antivirus. 
viii) Terms and Abbreviation used in IT

(IV) Science (15 Marks)

(i) Various sources of energy; conventional sources of energy; improvement in technology for using conventional source of energy (Biomass and wind energy)
(ii) Non-conventional sources of energy (Solar energy,Tidal energy).
(iii) Mechanics, Rest, motion, Velocites, acceleration, Newton Laws of motion,
(iv) Voltage, Current, Resistance, Power, D.C Batteries
(v) Waves, light as a wave, Sound waves, Transverse and longitudinal waves.
(vi) Structure of Atom
(vii) Solids, Liqids and Gases(Basics)
(viii) Life processes: Nutrition and its types, Respiration, Transportation of water, food and minerals in plants.
(ix) Vitamins- Dieases related to vitamin deficiency.
(x) Environmental pollution.
(xi) Ecosystem – Its components, Food chains and Food webs.
(xii) Ozone layer, its depletion, Green House Effect.

(V) General Economics (15 Marks)

i) Introduction: Basic Concepts and Principles
ii) Fiscal and Monetary Policy-Meaning, Scope and Methodology
iii) Theory of Consumers Demand using indifference curve technique
iv) Demand Analysis
v) Factor Pricing - Marginal Productivity Theory and Ricardian Theory of Rent
vi) Pricing under various forms of Markets
vii) Factors of Production and Laws of Production
viii) Concept of Economic growth and its measurement
ix) Inflation: Meaning, Types and Effects
x) Concept of National Income
xi) Economic Reforms in India
xii) Characteristics and Problems in a developing Economy
xiii) Planning Vs Market Economy

(VI) Accountancy and Book-Keeping (30 Marks)

i) Introduction to Financial Accounting and its Terms
ii) Accounting Equation and Journal
iii) Voucher Approach in Accounting
iv) Book reconciliation Statement
v) Financial Management / Statements
vi) Partnership Accounts
vii) Ledger Accounts
viii) Cash Book, Financial Audits
ix) Elements of Double Entry Book Keeping
x) Rules for Journalizing
xi) Trail Balance.
xii) Trading Account
xiii) Profit and Loss Account and Balance Sheet
xiv) Concept of Social Accounting, Social Audit and Cash-based Single Entry system
xv) Public Financial Management system.

(VII) Mathematics (15 Marks)

(i) Set Theory - Basic Concepts & Applications.
(ii) Matrices & Determinants, Simultaneous Linear Equations- Cramer’s Rule.
(iii) Analytical Geometry.
(iv) Differentiation- Basic Concepts (Addition, Product & Chain rule)
(v) Optimization using Differential techniques.
(vi) Integration-Reduction & Substitution Method.
(vii) Linear Differential Equations.
(viii) Differential Equations Existence theorem for the solution of dy/dx = f(x,y)

(VIII) Mental Ability and Reasoning (10 Marks)

(i) Number series.
(ii) Letter series.
(iii) Coding decoding.
(iv) Direction sense.
(v) Blood relations.
(vi) Mathematical reasoning.
(vii) Speed, Distance and Time.
(viii) Statements and conclusions.
(ix) Logical Reasoning.
(x) Mental Reasoning.

Click Here to Download Syllabus in PDF Format


We have made this page to provide updates on the JKSSB Accounts Assistant Syllabus. As the Offical Syllabus is announced now, so you can start your preparation right now.

Next, we will update this page, when the JKSSB Accounts Assistant Official Notification is announced.

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