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Computer Questions asked in JKSSB Exams of Last 4 years


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Looking for Pattern and Scheme of Computer Questions for JKSSB Exams ? Here are the Computer Questions asked in the JKSSB Exams of last 4 years .

(Includes the 2nd April, 2017 Questions Also)

JKSSB is going to conduct the much awaited Graduate Level Exam on 27th April, 2017 from 2 Pm to 4:30 Pm in which it is expected that more than 50,000 candidates are expected to appear. This exam is pending from 1.5 years, after it gets cancelled on 25th Dec, 2015 due to mass copying at some centres.

If, you are going to appear in this exam on 27th April, then first thing, you should do is to go through the JKSSB Syllabus for Graduation Level Posts. If, you have been preparing with the Old JKSSB Syllabus, that was used in 2013-14, then we would like to inform you that JKSSB had changed the weighage of exam since 2015. Earlier Graduate Level Paper carries overall weightage of 180 marks, but now it is reduced to 150 Marks having Duration of 2 Hours and 30 Minutes. However, there is No Change in the Content of the Syllabus

In our previous posts, we have shared the 500 Expected Questions for JKSSB Exams, however, these questions were limited to J&K General Knowledge Section. Today, in this post, we will be sharing the Computer Questions asked in the previous JKSSB Exam.

1) We will also provide the Detailed Analysis of Questions asked from the Computer Applications

2) We will also share the Most Important and repeats Questions in the JKSSB Exams

3) And Last But not the least we, will also provide the Expected Questions for Computer Applications.

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Why Computer Applications is so Important ?

Going by the weighatge, Computer Applications carries 16% weighate of the Syllabus ie 25 Questions Out of 150 are from Computer Applications section.

Unlike, Other Sections, that have vast and lengthy Syllabus, Computer application has a very Limited Syllabus and one can complete this section in with in 7-10 Days.

If you go through the JKSSB Syllabus, you will find Every section viz English, GK, J&K GK etc has more than 10 Topics.

But Computer Application is the only Section, that has 6 Topics and these too are very much Basic.

Here are the 6 Topics and Detailed Explanation of Computer Applications Topics

1) Fundamental of Computer Sciences

2) Hardware and Software

3) Input and Output Devices

4) Operating System

5) MS-Word, MS-Excel, MS- PowerPoint, MS Access

6) Email and Internet

1) Students from Computer Background, who have studied Computer Applications in 12th Class also those who have their Degree / Diploma in Computer Applications, may find this section, quite easy.

2) Those, from Non-Computer background, they have to do some extra Hard work, to score some good marks in this section.

Difficulty Level : After analysing the Last 4 years Question Paper, we find that Questions from Computer Section are Easy to Moderate. However in 2015 Question Paper, there were some tricky Questions, even students from Computer Background find these Questions quite technical and above Basic Knowledge.

So, you have to very careful, while preparing for this section.

In this post, we will share the Topics Wise Questions asked in the Previous JKSSB Exams From (2013-2017). 

We have even included the Computer Questions asked in the 2nd April Graduation Level Question Paper.

Repetitive Questions from Computer Applications in JKSSB Exams

These are those questions, that commonly asked in the JKSSB Exams.

We have compiled the List of Most common Computer Questions.

1) Format of Email Address

Example: 1) Which of the following is the Correct format of Email address.

2) Which Part of Email address is called Domain Name?

2) Format of URL 

Example: Questions in HTTP, Domain Name etc.

3) Keyboard Shortcuts 

Example: What is the keyboard Shortcuts for Opening a New Document in MS-Word

What shortcut is used to start the Slide Show from the the beginning in MS Power Point?

4) Hardware and Software

Questions are asked to Identify the given Hardware and Software Devices.

5) Questions on Generation of Computers
  • Vacuum tubes are used in which generation of computers
  • In which generation of Computers Transistors are used. etc.

Topic Wise Computer Questions asked in Previous  JKSSB Exams

(I) Fundamental of Computer Sciences

1.'Print Screen' key on the keyboard is a type of ?

Ans: Special Purpose Key

2. Which of the following can be used in making transistors? 

Ans Germanium

3. Assembly language is a?

Ans Low Level Language

4. 1024 bytes is?

Ans 1 Kilobyte

5. If Keyboard is related to Monitor then Equation is related to?

Ans Solution

6. ROM is a type of ?

Ans Non-Volatile Memory

7.Which of the following can be identified by the word 'Pentium'?

Ans Microprocessor

8. Computers of which generation are known as 'Integrated circuit based' computers?

Ans Generation 3

9. Hexadecimal equivalent of 101000010111 is

Ans A17

10. Which of the following types of computers is used in weather forecasting 

Options: (Main Frame / Workstation / Super Computer / Mini Computer)

Ans Supercomputers

11. Which generation of computers were VLSI microprocessor based in?

Ans Fourth Generation

12. What is a mnemonic?

Ans Abbreviation for Operation to be performed.

13. RAM and ROM are types of which memory?

Ans Independent Memory

14. What is the speed of a PCI bus on most of the systems?

Ans 33 MHz

15. Which of the following describes Belady's Anomaly?

Ans The Execution time increases, when more frames are allocated to a process

16. Which of the following describes Coffman's mutual exclusion condition that leads to dead lock?

Ans Only One Process may use a critical resource at a time

17. Base 2 refers to which number system?

Ans Binary Number System

18. IETF stands for.

Ans Internet Engineering Task Force

19. What would be the Binary No. 1011 be in Decimal Notation?

Ans 11

20. How to calculate 2’s complement of any Binary number?

Ans Calculating 1's Complement and inverting most significant bit

21. Which generation of computers used Transistor for first time?

Ans 2nd Generation

22. What is ALU (Abbreviation) ?

Ans Arithmetic Logic Unit

23. ENIAC machine was invented by

Ans John Mauchly and J. Presper Eckert

24. E-Comm is short form of

Ans Electronic Commerce

25. Which of the following features are not supported by CPU?

26. F-12 Key in keyboard belong to which group of Keys?

Ans Function Keys

27. Digital images are formed from Tiny Dots known as?

Ans Pixels

28. Which of the following ports of Computer connects the Monitor?


(II) Hardware and Software

1. Which of the following is application software? 

Options: (Interpreter / Ms Word / MS Windows / Compiler)

Ans MS Word

2. Which of the following is TRUE for the hardware of a computer?

Ans Hardware is a One Time Expense

3. Video cards, hard disk, power supplies etc. have to be compatible with which of the following parts of the computer?

Ans Motherboard

4. Which of the following is TRUE for system software in comparison with application software?

Ans Generally Written in Low Level Language

5. Which of the following is TRUE with reference to hardware and software of a computer?

Ans Software acts as an Interface between user and Hardware

6. Parts of Computer that can be touched are called

Ans  Hardware

7. Which of the following the physical and tangible components of computers?

Ans Hardware

8. Which one of the following is a Software?

Ans Operating System

(III) Input and Output Devices

1.Which of the following is used to scan text character by character, convert them into machine readable code and store text on system memory?

Ans Magnetic Ink Character Reader

2.Which of the following units communicates with input/output device for transfer of data?

Ans Control Unit

3.Which of the following is an output device?

Options: (Joystick / Trackball / Microphone/ Graphic Plotter)

Ans Graphic Plotter

4.Which of the following devices can be used to convert a signal from television camera into a series of numbers that could be stored in the computer?

Ans Digitizer

5.Which input device is used to read printed text?


6.The wheel on the mouse is used to

Ans Scroll

7.Which one of the following devices can convert a signal from camera to a series of numbers to be stored in a computer?


Ans Digitizer

8.Select Correct option that forms the part of Input device

Options: (Hard disk / CPU /Keyboard/Printer)

Ans Keyboard

9.Which Operation/ Function is done by Microphone device?

Ans Covert Human Speech into Electric Signals

10.Joy stick and Scanner are examples of 

Ans Input Device

11.Efficiency of Laser Printer is determined by

Ans PPM (Parts Per Mission)

12.Photosensitive unit of Laser Printer, which prints letters and images by fixing the toner to the paper be heat and pressure is called

Ans Cartridge

13.Which of the following devices read the Input text, and converts it into readable text and stores it into system memory?

Ans Optical character Read (OCR)

(IV) Operating system: 

1. Which of the following performs the conversion of an assembly language code into a machine language code?

Ans Assembler

2. The time taken to respond, should be least in

Ans Real Time Operating system

3. Which of the following was the first installed OS in PCs?


4. Which of the following schedulers is also known as a dispatcher?

Options: (Long term / Medium Term/ Never Ending/Short Term)

Ans Short Term

5. Which one of the following is an objective of the operating system ?

Ans To Manage the resources of Computer

6. Which one of the following is a multi-user computer supporting thousands of users simultaneously and many simultaneous execution of programs?

Ans Mainframe

7. Which of the following is a reason for process suspension instead of termination?

Ans Interactive User Request

8. What is a Kernel?

Ans Collection of OS Programs in memory

9. Which is responsible for managing computer’s, memory, processes, and its hardware and software?

Ans Operating system

10. Name the technique, that is used for freeing up the CPU, while disk operations are in progress. 


11. Translator between Operating system and Hardware

Ans Device Driver

12. Memory, that needs constant refreshing is


13. A systematic procedure for moving the CPU to new process is known as ?

Ans Context Switching

14. Any device connected to an Operating system is controlled by using

Ans Device Drivers

15. Which of the following storage is used to store data permanently, even after the power supply to computer is turned Off?


16. In which type of operating system, with similar needs are grouped together, before submitting the process required?

Ans Batch Operating system

(V) M.S Word,M.S Excel, M.S Access and PowerPoint Presentation: 4 Questions

1. Bookmarks are used in MS Word to

Ans Jump to specific Location in the Document.

2. The box which displays the address of the selected cell in Microsoft Excel is called

Ans Address Box

3. If you end a PowerPoint presentation during slide show by pressing the escape key, you will be taken to the

Ans Slide you were viewing in the show

4. Which of the following shows the default alignment of data in Microsoft Excel?

Ans Text is right aligned and Numbers are Left aligned

5. Which of the following files starts MS Word?

Options:  (Word. Exe / Winword.Exe /Msword.exe / Windowword.exe)

Ans Winword.exe

6. Gutter margin in Microsoft Word is added to the

Ans Binding side of page while printing

7. The header and footer will appear by default on

Ans All the Pages

8. CTRL + J in Microsoft Word is the shortcut used to

Ans Align Justify

9. What is Keyboard shortcut to Bold the Selected text?

Ans Control+B 

10. Which shortcut is used to move to the last page of a MS Word Document?

Ans Control+End

11. Which feature of MS-Excel allows you to convert one of column of data into separate Columns?

Ans Data > Text to Columns

12. What is the shortcut to start Slide show from the beginning in MS Power point

Ans F5

13. How to add Bullets to existing List in MS Word 2007

Ans Click on Bullet List in Formatting toolbar

14. Which shortcut key is used to invoke the VB Editor in MS Excel 2007?

Ans Alt+F11

15. Which application is part of MS Office (Visio /Paint/Notepad/Word)?

Ans Word

16. Which symbol denotes absolute row and absolute column in MS-Excel?

Ans $A$1

17. Which MS Office is a Database Manager?

Options:  (Access / Outlook/Excel/ Infopath) 

Ans MS-Access

18. Page Color applied to a word document is NOT visible in

Options: (Web Layout / Print Layout/Full Screen / Print Preview)

Ans Print Preview

19. Which symbol is used before beginning of each formula in MS-Excel?

Ans Equal to(=)

20. During cut or copy a portion of the text is stored in a buffer called?

Ans Clipboard

21. Red Wavy Line in MS word means

Ans Spelling Mistake

22. In MS-word, the extra space where you plan o biding your document is provided by

Ans Gutter Margin

23. Function key for editing in Spreadsheet / MS-Excel is

Ans F2

24. For new PPT in Power Point Presentation, shortcut key is

Ans Control+N

25. Which of the following is a valid Data type is MS Access?

Ans Memo

26. What is gutter Margin in MS-Word?

Ans Extra space added to the side or Top margin of Document where it is binded

27. Which of the following is not a type of Cell referencing in MS-Excel?

Ans Reflexive

28. In MS PowerPoint, what is motion path?

Ans A method of moving object /item on slide

29) The Function in MS Office, by which multiple documents are produced from single template is called?

Ans Mail Merge

(VI ) Email & Internet

1. Which of the following is an invalid email address? 


2. Which part of the email address is called the domain name?

Ans example

3. Which of the following displays the name of the web page in Internet explorer browser?

Options : (Menu Bar / Address Bar/Title Bar / Standard Toolbar)

Ans Title Bar

4. Each part of IP address is always a number in the range

Ans 0-255

5. Which key on the keyboard can be used to open the file menu option in Internet explorer?


6. Which protocols assigns IP addresses automatically?


7. Which of the following is a web browser used to access the Internet?

Options:  (MS Access / Goggle chrome / Adobe Reader/ Flash)

Ans Google Chrome

8. IPv6 addresses are of 128 Bits ?

Ans 128 Bits

9. Which online storage drive service is provided by Microsoft?

Ans One Drive

10. ISP stands for?

Ans Internet Service Provider

11. Outlook Express is a?

Ans Email Application

12. What Does HTTP stands for?

Ans Hyper Text Transfer Protocol

13. With in a Browser, what does the Home button do

Ans Display the contents of your  designated start page

14. The MIME text file is saved with which of following extensions

Ans HTML Extension

15. WWW is based on which models

Ans Client Server Model

16. Which protocol is responsible for searching URL’s on the web.?


17. Which of the following is a URL ?

2) Netscape
4) Internet Explorer


18. Which of the following is a Internet Browser?

Ans Internet Explorer

19. Which language is used for the creation of documents for World Wide Web?


20. Correct Format of Email address


21. BCC in Email Means

Ans Blind Carbon Copy

22. Which of the following is an Internet Browser

Options : (Mozilla Firefox / Cobol / Microsoft/Gmail)

Ans Mozilla Firefox

23. To securely send and receive Data over Internet, we use : 


24. Which is a basic component required, to connect the personal computer to Internet?

Ans Network Interface card

25. Which of the following is not a valid Email address?


26. Which of the following protocols are used in Email?


27. How many bits are used for an IP Address in IPV4 (Internet Protocol Version-4)?

Ans 32 Bits

28. Which among the following the correct description of Internet?

Ans Network of Networks

Updates ?

This is all this the previous Questions of Computer Section. In our upcoming post, we will be sharing the 100 Most Expected Questions from Computer Section for JKSSB Exam. You can also check the JKSSB 2nd April, 2017 Graduate Level Question Paper, to get more insights on the Nature and Difficulty Level of questions.

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