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301 to 400 Expected Questions on History of J&K


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301 to 400 : Next 100 Expected Questions from the History of Jammu and Kashmir

Only few Day have left for the JKSSB Graduate Level Exam 2017. As per the Official Notification, exam is scheduled to be held on 5th March, 2017, in which it is expected that several thousands of candidates may appear.

Jobs in Jammu, has started a preparation series of 500 Expected Questions for JKSSB Exam. As of now, we have shared 300 Questions and Today in this post we are going to share the Next 100 Expected Questions for JKSSB Exam.

These 100 Questions are from History of Jammu and Kashmir. If, you read these Questions, then, we are sure that you score at least 90% marks in this section.

Expected Questions from History of Jammu and Kashmir

1) When did Chinese Pilgrim Hiuen Tsang visited Kashmir ?

Ans AD 629 -631

2) In which year “Treaty of Amritsar” signed?

Ans 1846

3) When did Jagmohan took over as the Governor of J&K?

Ans 26th April, 1984

4) Treaty of Amritsar was signed between?

Ans Gulab singh and British

5) Who became the First Prime Minister of J&K ?

Ans Justice Mehar Chand Mahajan

6) When did, Jammu and Kashmir acceded to India?

Ans 26th Oct, 1947

7) The Title “Sadr-e-Riyasat” for governor and Prime Minister for Chief Minister was abolished in ?

Ans 1965

8) Karvan-e-Aman bus service was launched between?

Ans Srinagar and Muzaffarabad

9) How many seats are there in the Constituent Assembly of J&K ?

Ans 89 (Elected: 87, Nominated:2)

10) What is the amount that Gulab Singh paid to acquire Kashmir from British ?

Ans 75 Lakh Rupees

11) Who was the last ruling king of J&K ?

Ans Hari Singh

12) Where can we find the earliest source of Kashmir?

Ans Rajtrangini

13) According to Historians, Kashmir valley was originally known by which of the names?

Ans Kashyapmar

14) Who is the writer of “Rajatarangini” ?

Ans Kalhana

15) According to Kalhana, who was the First king of Kashmir?

Ans Gonanda

16) When did Maharaja Ranjit Singh Invaded Kashmir ?

Ans 1814 or 1815 A.D

17) Who was the founder of jammu city?

Ans Jambu Lochan

18) Who was the founder of Gupta Dynasty?

Ans Parva Gupta

19) Lalitaditya was the ruler of which dynasty?

Ans Karkota

20) In J&K Martyrs Day is observed Every year on?

Ans 13th July

21) Kalhana, a famous historian of Kashmir lived during the reign of?

Ans Jayasimha

22) Which ruler introduced Dogri script?

Ans Raja Shakti karan 

23) Gulab Singh Sent his Journal Zorawar Singh to Invade Ladakh?

Ans 1834

24) The famous tomb of Sheikh Noor-ud-din- Noorani is situated in which District?

Ans Budgam

25) Who was the first sufi entered in Kashmir?

Ans Sayyid Sharaf-ud-din

26) What was the period of Dogra Rule in J&K?

Ans 1846-1947

27) What was the period of Sikh Rule in Kashmir?

Ans 1819-1846 (27 years)

28) Who build the Panchavaktra Temple in the Kanak Mandi area of Jammu City?

Ans Maldev

29) Who was the last Hindu ruler of Kashmir?

Ans Udyan Dev

30) Delhi Agreement was formed in?

Ans 1952

31) On which date state of J&K Came into existence?

Ans 16th March 1846

32) According to traditions, Kashmir take its name from?

Ans Sage Kashyap

33) What is the meaning of Rajatarangini?

Ans Kings of Kashmir

34) The famous Hari Parbat Fort is also known as?

Ans Koh-e-Maraan

35) In which Year Akbar annexed Kashmir?

Ans 1586 A.D

36) During whose reign Raghunath temple was constructed?

Ans Maharaja Ranbir Singh

37) The name of Afghan ruler who issued the coin in the name of Sheikh Noor-ud-din- rishi was?

Ans Atta Mohammad Khan

38) The Treaty also known as Sale deed of Kashmir was?

Ans Treaty of Amritsar

39) In which year Rajatarangini was translated into English?

Ans 1900 A.D

40) Historic Sun Temple at mattan was build by?

Ans Raja Ram Dev

41) Who was the author of the book Raj darshani?

Ans Ganesh Das Wadhera

42) Who was the author of the book Gulab Nama?

Ans Dewan Kripa Ram

43) Who was the founder of the Dharmarth Trust?

Ans Gulab Singh

44) Habba Khatoon was the queen of which Kashmiri King?

Ans Yousaf Shah

45) The Mughal Emperor who brought Sacred Hair of Prophet Mohammad to Kashmir was?

Ans Aurangzeb

46) Jammu was earlier Known as?

Ans Jambupura

47) The word Kashmir Comes from Two Sanskrit Words “Ka and Shimira” which means?

Ans Water and Dry up

48) The Instrument of accession of J&k was signed on?

Ans 26th October 1947

49) The Law regarding “State Subject” was passed by Maharaja Hari Singh on?

Ans 31 March 1927

50) Who was the first and Last Sadr-i-Riyasat of J&K was?

Ans Dr Karan Singh

51) Article 370 of Indian Union Constitution was adopted on?

Ans 17 october 1950

52) When did Maharaja Hari Singh Became the King of J&K?

Ans 1925

53) Who was the first Sikh Ruler who conquered Kashmir and defeated the Pathans in 1819 A.D?

Ans Maharaja Ranjit Singh

54) Who was the first Chief Minister of J&K?

Ans G M Sadak

55) Maharaja Gulab Singh Died in?

Ans 1857

56) The treaty of Lahore takes place on?

Ans 09th March 1846

57) The Government of Sheikh Mohammad Abdullah was dismissed  by Karan Singh in?

Ans 1953

58) Who were Chaks?

Ans Dards

59) What was the full name of Lal Dead?

Ans Lalleshwari

60) By Whom Jambu Lochan was succeeded?

Ans Puran Karam

61) During which period Mughals ruled Kashmir?

Ans 1586-1753

62) When was Indus Water Treaty signed between India and Pakistan?

Ans 19 September 1916

63) The Famous ruler of Kashmir who Constructed Shrine on Burial Site of Sheikh Noor-ud-Din was?

Ans Zain-ul-abdin

64) Which famous garden of Kashmir was build by Shah Jahan for his beloved wife Noor Jahan?

Ans Shalimar Garden

65) Shah-I-Hamadan Shrine was constructed by Sultan Sikandar in the memory of?

Ans Mir Sayed Ali Hamdini

66) Shah-I-Hamadan is popularly known as?

Ans Khanqah-I-Moulla

67) By which Chinese traveller Ladakh was first described?

Ans Fa-Hian

68) Shimla agreement was signed on?

Ans 03 July 1972

69) The name of first mosque built in Kashmir is?

Ans Bud Masheed

70) Who was the first women Sovereign of Kashmir who ruled for nearly 15 years?

Ans Yasovati

71) Where is it mentioned that Kashmir was originally a Lake?

Ans Nila Mata Purana

72) In which Century Chinese Traveller Huen Tsang visited Kashmir?

Ans 07th Century A.D

73) Timur Sent which gift to Sultan Sikander?

Ans Elephant

74) Who assumed the title of Shah Mir?

Ans Shams-ud-din

75) The foundation of Raghunath Mandir was laid by?

Ans Maharaja Gulab Singh

76) In which year Prince of Whales College (now GGM Science College) was established?

Ans 1905

77) Who imposed “Grahkrtya” and “Begar”?

Ans Shankara Varman 

78) The first Mir Waiz of Kashmir was?

Ans Mir Waiz Moulbi Gulam Ahmed

79) Who was the first Afghan Governor of Kashmir?

Ans Abdulla Khan

80) During the reign of which King Sati was prohibited?

Ans Sultan Sikander

81) In which year, Kashmir, was made a part of Lahore Durbar by Ranjit Singh?

Ans 1819 AD

82) When was Kashmir handed over to Raja Gulab Singh by sir Lawrence?

Ans 9th Nov, 1846

83) Which reforms were advocated by Gulab Singh to gain actual possession of Kashmir?

Ans (i) He reorganized the revenue and Police Administration of valley

(ii) He readdressed the grievances of Shawl traders who were heavily taxed

(iii) The most important reform was rationing of rice to the population of Srinagar

84) Who authored the Book “Cashmeer Misgovernment” ?

Ans Robert Thorpe

85) Which period was known for one of the most peaceful and progressive periods in the history of Kashmir valley?

Ans Dogra Period

86) Under whose reign, serious uprising took place in Gilgit?

Ans Maharaja Gulab singh

87) Which period was known as the Darkest period in the history of Kashmir?

Ans Pathan

88) Which ruler assumes the title of Sultan Shams-ud-din?

Ans Shah Mir

89) When did Mughal Rule ended in Kashmir?

Ans Before 1857

90) When did Maharaja Ranjit singh Died?

Ans 1839

91) The First wooden bridge built at Srinagar is known as ?

Ans Zainakadal

92) During the reign of which hindu king Kalhana completed Rajatarangini?

Ans: Jaisimha

93) Who among the following wrote Shiva Sutras?

Ans Vasu Gupta

94) The best preserved stone of ancient Kashmir are?

Ans Martand and Avantipur

95) During whose rule Buddhism was introduced in Kashmir?

Ans Ashoka

96) Kashmir Shaivism is also referred as ?

Ans Trika

97) Who was the founder of Karkota Dynasty?

Ans Durlabhavardhana

98) Which Kashmiri school of Shaivism was founded by Vishnugupta?

Ans Spandasastra

99) Martand Temple of Kashmir is dedicated to which God?

Ans Sun God

100) Mihirakula was the son of which king?

Ans Hepthalites

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  16. It appears that there are some confusions in regarding some questions. the publisher had written that shalimar bhag was constrcted by Jahangir at one place but at another place he has written that it was constructed by Shahi Jahan for his beloved Noor Jahan
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