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JKSSB 2nd April 2017 Graduate Level Question Paper : Fully Solved

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Download Here: Fully Solved JKSSB Graduate Level Question Paper held on 2nd April, 2017

On 2nd April, 2017, JKSSB had conducted the Written Exam for various posts includes some Graduate Level Posts too. As per the Official Notification, released after the conduct of Exam, JKSSB announced, that 4703 candidates have appeared in the JKSSB Exams held on 2nd April, 2017.

Moreover, JKSSB had also announced the Date of 5th March Postponed Exam of Graduate Level Posts. As per the Notification the Exam, will now be held on 27th April, 2017 from 2 PM to 4: 30 PM

In this post, we are going to Share the Questions asked in the Graduate Level Exam held on 2nd April. This, will be extremely helpful for those, who are preparing for Upcoming JKSSB Graduate Level Exam to be held on 27th April, 2017

SSC CGL 2017 : 20000 Vacancies

JKSSB 2nd April Graduate Level Question Paper

Note Questions No. 1 to 29 will be uploaded shortly on this Page.

30 ) Who was the founder of the oldest surviving, newspaper of India, the Bombay Samachar

1) Fardonji Murazban
2) James Hicky
3) Jugal Kishor Shukla
4) Kandhthil Vargese

31) What was theme of 18th SAARC Summit held in Kathmadu in 2014?

1) Building Bridges
2) Towards a Green and Happy South Asia
3) Partnership for Growth of our people
4) Deeper Integration for Peace and Prosperity

32) Which of the following countries in the 193rd Member of UNO ?

1)  Montenegro
2) Switzerland
3)  Timor Leste
4) South Sudan

33) In 2017, Chamu Krishan Shastri, received Padma Shri for his contribution in the field of ?

1)  Civil Services
2) Science and Engineering
3)  Art Music
4) Literature and Eductaion

34) When was the Indian National Congress Founded ?

1) 1930
2) 1815
3) 1915
4) 1885

35) Which of the following countries, has parliamentary republic system of Government ?

1)  Bhutan
2) Belize
3)  Israel
4) Entrea

36) Who discovered Chlorine ?

1)  Joseph Priestley
2) Sir William Ramsay
3) Carl wilhelm scheele
4) Henning Brand

37) What is Oligarchy ?

1) A form of Government in which small group of people hold power often for their own benefit
2) A Form of Government in which power is held by hereditary nobility
3) A form of Government in which possession of property is required in order to hold office
4) A form of Government in which single ruler is vested with absolute power.

38)  Which of the following is not an ASEAN member state ?

1) Laos
2) Taiwan
3) Brunei
4) Vietnam

39) Which Countries, new 12 sided coins will enter circulation in March, 2017 ?

1) Sudan
2) Lebanon
3) Egypt
4) UP

40) Which of the following the naturally produced pain killer found in the human saliva

1) Opiorphin
2) Dopamine
3) Oxytocin
4) Serotonin

41) In, November, 2017, Government of India and ADB, signed a $ 500 Million loan to help build the longest river bridge, across which of the following rivers?

1) Brahmaputra
2) Indus
3) Ganaga
4) Narmada

42) Who is the first Indian to hit a Triple century in the International Test Cricket ?

1) Sachin Tendulkar
2) Rahul Dravid
3) VVS Laxman
4) Virender Sehwag

JKSSB Computer Applications Questions from (2014-2017)

43) United Nations has how many National Languages?

1) Two
2) Six
3) Five
4) One

44) What is the name of Strait that lies between India and Sri Lanka ?

1) Bass strait
2) Agatu Strait
3) Torres Strait
4) Palk Strait

45) Canarese was the other name of which of the following languages?

1) Malayalam
2) Kannada
3) Assamese
4) Kashmiri

46) Who among the following was the first indian to awam across the English Channel?

1) Ashwin Krishnaswamy
2) Mihir Sen
3) V. Khade
4) Rehan Poncha

47) Kiran doshi won The Hindu Prize 2016 for which of the books?

1) Diplomatic Tales
2) Jinnah Others came to our house
3) Birds of Passage
4) Half of What i say

48) Which of the following is not a Zaid crop in India ?

1) Wheat
2) Watermelon
3) Pumpkin
4) Cucumber

49) Who was named the World's best Fifa men's player of the year 2016, at the inaugural best Fifa Football awards, held in Switzerland

1) L Messi
2) Cristiano Ronaldo
3) Antoine Griezmann
4) Sergio aguero

50) Who among the following received the Padma Vibhushan 2017 for his contribution in the field of Science and Engineering ?

1) Prof Ramchandra Rao
2) Shri Chandrakant
3) Prof Ajoy Kumar Ray
4) Shri Jitendra Nath Goswami

51) Who won the 2017 Australian's men's singles title?

1) Rafael Nadal
2) Stan Wawrinka
3) Roger Frdrer
4) Grogor Dimitrov

52) The Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine 2016 was awarded to ?

1) David J thouless
2) Youyou To
3) Edward I Maser
4) Yoshinori Ohsumi

53) The Greek name of River Jhelum in J&K is ?

1) Vishaw
2) Veth
3) Hydaspes
4) Vestesta

54) Chashma Shahi Garden, known as the Royal spring, is situated at the foothills of Zavarban mountain, in which of the following places in J&K ?

1) Leh
2) Katra
3) Udhampur
4) Srinagar

55) Dosmoche or the festival of Scapegoat is the festival celebrated at which of the following tourist destinations of J&K?

1) Ladakh
2) Nishat Bagh
3) Bahu Fort
4) Vaishno Devi

56) The Road that connects Kargil with Kashmir is ?

1) NH4
2) NH1
3) NH5
4) NH6

57) During the period 1556-1605, kashmir was annexed to Mughal Empire by which Mughal Emperor?

1) Bahadur Shah I
2) Muhammad Azam shah
3) Jalal-ud-din Akbar
4) Shah Jahan

58) Which of the following is true about the Fort of Akhnoor in Jammu and Kahsmir?

1) It is archeological site located in the Anantnag city of Jammu and Kashmir, at an altitude of 1800 mt above sea level
2) A cave of this fort is believed to be the place of meditation of Lord Rama
3) It is located on the banks of river tawi
4) It is located on the banks of Chenab, at the foothills of Himalayas

59) Bilal Nazki, is associated with which of the following positions, pertaining to jammu and kashmir, as on October, 2016

1) Chairperson of Jammu and Kashmir, Human rights commission
2) Former chief Minister of J&K
3) Sadr-e-Riyasat
4) Minsiter of Jammu and Kashmir state for Forest

60) Who among the following was elected as the President of Constituent Assembly of the Jammu and Kashmir, after the protem chairman ?

1) Maulana Masoodi
2) Shiekh Mohammad Abdullah
3) Maharaja Hari singh
4) Ghulam Mohammad Sadiq

61) The Bahu fort, located in the city of Jammu, was built on th eastern bank of which river

1) Jhelum
2) Tawi
3) Indus
4) Chenab

62) Which of the following tourist destination is famous for Cycling and Motor biking in Jammu and Kashmir state ?

1) Dachigam National Park
2) Zojila Pass
3) Khardungla Pass
4) Betaab Valley

63) Which Power project located in the Udhampur District of J&K, contributes to the major power generation, with an installed capacity of generating 690 MW as on year 1995

1) Salal
2) Chenani
3) Uri
4) Dhumkar

64) JKNPP is the abbreviation related to which political party of J&K

1) Jammu and Kashmir National Powerful Party
2) Jammu and Kashmir National Popular Party
3) Jammu and Kashmir National Panthers Party
4) JAmmu and Kashmir National Political Party

65) Pir Mitha tomb is located in which of places in J&K?

1) Jammu
2) Srinagar
3) Ladakh
4) Anantnag

66) On which of the following dates, did the constituent assembly of J&K, met for the First time

1) 26th October, 1947
2) 31st October, 1951
3) 26th October, 1949
4) 11th November, 1951

67) What is the time limit for a person to get information, as per J&K RTI Act 2009, for Jammu and Kashmir state ?

1) With in 30 Days
2) With in 50 to 60 Days
3) Exactly on the 10th Day from the Date of Request
4) Exactly on the 5th Day from the date of Request

68 ) Uri Dam on the Jhelum river is located in which of the following district of Jammu and Kashmir?

1) Baramulla
2) Doda
3) Leh 
4) Udhampur

69) In the year, 1532, who among the following invaded Kashmir?

1) Aurangzeb
2) Mirza Hyder
3) Shah Jahan
4) Jehangir

70) The provision for separation of Judiciary from Executive is enshrined in which of the following articles of Directive Principles in the Constitution of J&K ?

1) Article 24
2) Article 22
3) Article 18
4) Article 25

71) Chutak Hydro Electric Power plant in the Kargil district, is located on which of the following rivers in J&K?

1) Chenab
2) Suru
3) Mansarovar
4) Tawi

72) Provision related to permanent residents and their rights are mentioned in which of the following parts of Constitution of Jammu and Kashmir.

1) Part III
2) Part II
3) Part I 
4) Part VI

73) Which of the following crops are largely grown in the state of Jammu and Kashmir

1) Spices, Jowar, Bajra
2) Pulses and Black Pepper
3) Sugarcane, Barley and Mustard
4) Maize, Rice and Wheat

74) Durani Empire, which rules Jammu and Kashmir, before it was annexed by Ranjit Singh, originally belonged to which of the following countries

1) China
2) Iraq
3) Vietnam
4) Afghanistan

75) Over which Lake, Mughals have built 2 artificial Islands 

1) Manasbal Lake
2) Dal Lake
3) Anchar Lake
4) wular Lake

76) Which of the following is the incorrect option pertaining to the  availability of Railway Network in the below mentioned routes in Jammu and Kahsmir?

1) Ladakh
2) Udhampur
3) Jammu 
4) Bari Brahmana

77) Disease caused in Adults because of lack of Vitamin D is ?

1) Haemophilia
2) Tuberculosis
3) Beri Beri

4) Osteomalacia

78) Identify the Non-Renewable energy source among the following?

1) Coal
2) Fuel Cells
3) Wind Energy
4) Wave Energy

79) Current is influenced by voltage, only if circuit is?

1) Closed 
2) Open
3) Insulated

4) Having High Resistance

80) Photovoltaic Energy is the conversion of Sunlight into

1) Chemical Energy
2) Biogas
3) Electricity 
4) Geothermal energy

81) If a body does not change its position, with respect to its surroundings, then it is in the state of 

1) Motion
2) Rest
3) Equilibrium
4) Vibration

82) Which of the following is a function of Vitamin B-12?

1) Influences the cells that build body tissues
2) Maintain the walls that surround and protect the Nerve Fibres
3) Is essential for the formation of Bones
4)  Helps maintain the Acid base balance

83) During respiration, the energy rich compound, generated as Final product is ?

3) ATP
4) ADP

84) Which of the following represents the removal of Hydrogen and Carbon dioxide from a substance?

1) Oxidation 
2) Decarbonylation
3) Reductive Carbon Oxidation
4)  Oxidative Decarbonoxydation

85) Which of the following produces both power and manure?

1) Nuclear Plant
2) Biogas Plant
3) Thermal Power Plant
4) Hydroelectric Power plant

86) The absolute charge of an electron is?


87) In a Food chain the 3rd Trophic Level is always occupied by ?

1) Carnivores
2) Herbivores
3) Decomposers
4) Producers

88) The measure of which parameters is given by Newtons's second law of motion?

1) Force 
2) Time
3) Momentum
4) Impulse

89) Flow of energy in an Ecosystem is always?

1) Unidirectional
2) Bidirectional
3) Multidirectional
4) No Specific Direction

90) In Which way are the batteries, with thermodynamic source are different from fuel cells?

1) A battery uses polymer electrolyte membrane whereas fuel cell does not.
2) A battery is a closed system where as Fuel cell is an open system.
3) A battery uses Hydrogen and Oxygen to create electricity, where as fuel does not.
4) A battery is an opened system, where as Fuel cell is a closed system

91) Layer of atmosphere in which Ozone layer lies is ?

1) Exosphere
2) Mesosphere
3) Ionosphere
4) Stratosphere

92) When the speed of an object increases its velocity?

1) Becomes Zero
2) Decreases
3) Remains constant
4) Increases

93) Which among the following statements is true about Greenhouse effect?

1) It is caused by combination of Helium and Neon gases
2) It is caused by Carbon dioxide only
3) It is caused by Gases like CO2, CFC, CH, NH etc
4) It is caused by SO2 only

94) When gases are heated they




96 ) 


97) For which value of PH, rainwater is considered acidic?

1) 5.7
2) 4.6
3) 7.8
4) 6.6



99) Wave with compression and contraction is known as?

1) Transverse Wave
2) Longitudinal Wave
3) Horizontal Wave 
4) Latitudnal Wave

100) A train moving at a speed of 54 KMph crosses a stationary pole in 30 seconds. What is the length of train in meters

1) 300
2) 400 
3) 450
4) 500

101)  Which is the next number in the Series ?

5, 3, 9, 5, 13, 7, 17..... ?

1) 5
2) 9
3) 11
4) 13

102)  The missing number of the series is?


1) 52
2) 45
3) 83
4) 255

103)  Choose the conclusion that logically satisfy the given two statements

Statement-I : No trees are Plants.

Statement-II: All Vegetables are trees.

1) All Vegetables are plants
2) No vegetable is plant
3) Same vegetables are plants
4) All Plants are vegetables

104) What is next letter of the series?

A,D,H,M ?
1) P
2) S
3) T
4) W

105) Pointing to a photograph Alexander said. " The person in the photograph is my fathers' only son's son. How is Alexander related to that person in photograph?  

1) Father 
2) Grandfather
3) Brother 
4) Uncle

106)  A Question on Direction Sense

107) A Question on Direction Sense

108) Which is the next number is the series?

37, 41, 43, 47, 53 ?

1) 55
2) 59
3) 61
4) 63

109) How many times an odd digit is followed by an even digit and an Odd digit in the string?


1) Zero
2) One
3) Two
4) Three

110) Jayaram is the son of Nagesh. Nagesh's wife Shanti has a Daughter Radhika. Radhika has a son Bharat and daughter Laxmi. How is Laxmi related to Jayaram?

1) Cousin 
2) Sister 
3) Grand Daughter
4) Niece

111) Find the ODD One out from the following terms?


1) QQT
2) VWZ 
3) ACF
4) HUM

112) Read the Instructions and Answer the Questions given below

A*B means A is the Father of B
C-D means C is brother of D
E = means E is father of F
G+H means G is the mother of H

In the relation between A and L is represented as A=H+K:-L. How is A related to L

1) Father
2) Daughter
3) Sister
4) Uncle

113) After the robbery, a thief started running at a speed of 30 Kmph. The Police realized it after 15 minutes and started chasing from the same spot with a speed of 40Kmph . If both of them ran on the same highway, after what time, will the police catch the thief?

1) 20 minutes
2) 30 minutes
3) 45 minutes 
4) 60 minutes

114) There were few hens and bufflaows grazing in a field, i started counting the legs and heads. I found, 16 heads and 52 legs totally. How many buffaloes were there ?

1) 6
2) 8
3) 10
4) 12

115) Find the next term of the series ?


1) DWL
2) DHM
3) DPL
4) DFL

116) In a certain code, BACTERIA is coded as "BJSFUDBC". How is protozoa coded in that language?


117) Class teacher asked Swaminathan to write all the numbers from 1 to 1000. Then the teacher asked him to make a list of all those numbers, whose sum of the digits is 9. I he made the list properly, then how many numbers were there in his list ?

1) 108
2) 110
3) 111
4) 114

118) In a certain language, "We are ALL Indians" is coded as "POM DAM SAM NAM" , all are sick is coded as "POM NAM JAM". What is the word for ALL?

1) POM
2) NAM
3) JAM
4) Can't be Determined

119) Choose the conclusion that follows the given 2 statements

Statement-I : Some mangoes are fruits
Statement-II : No fruit in an APPLE

1) Some Mangoes are apples
2) ALL mangoes are apples
3) No mango is an Apple
4) Some mangoes are not apples

120) A number, when divided by 5, 6, 7,8, 9, 10 leaves a remained ZERO in each case, but when divided by 11 leaves a remainder 1. Which among the following numbers satisfy the given criteria?

1) 1260
2) 2520
3) 3780
4) 4200

121) Car A left Mumbai for Delhi, at 7 am at a speed of 60Kmph. Another car Left Mumbai for Delhi at 10 am at a speed of 60 Kmph. at what time, Car B will overtake Car A?

1) 2 Pm
2) 3 Pm
3) 3.30 Pm
4) 4 PM

122) Given below are 2 statement followed by a conclusion. Choose whether the conclusion is TRUE, FALSE, UNCERTAIN OR IRRELEVANT  by analysing the statements.

Statement-1: After getting a Discount of  20%, all i made a profit of 25% on an article

Statement-2: The Selling price of Article was Rs 240.

Conclusion : Marked Price of the article, cannot be more than Rs 285

1) True
2) False
3) Uncertain
4) Irrelevant

123) Directions for Questions 123- 124.

Read the following information carefully, and answer the Questions that follow

5 Friends Alex, Brad, Clarke, David, Eon and Farhan are sitting in a row, facing north. David, is to the immediate left of Brad. There are 2 people between Brad and Alex, Eon is third to the left of Clarke. Clarke is at one of the ends. Farhan is not sitting at any of the ends.

123) Who is sitting at the penultimate end ?

1) David
2) Eon
3) Farhan
4) Clarke

124) Who is third to right of the David?

1) Eon
2) Farhan
3) Alex
4) Charles

125) Which is a basic component required, to connect the personal computer to Internet?

1) VGA Card
2) Sound Card
3) Network Interface Card
4) Serial Card

126) Which of the following is not a valid Email address?

2) abcd;
4) "abcdef"

127) Any device connected to an Operating system is controlled by using ?

1) Device Monitors
2) Device Drivers
3) Device Trackers
4) Device Units

128) Which of the following is a valid Data type is MS Access?

1) Boolean
2) Variant
3) Memo
4) Double

129) What is gutter Margin in MS-Word?

1) Extra space added to the side or top margin of the document, where it is binded.
2) Extra space added at all sides of the document to avoid paper folding in future
3) Excess margins added to the top and bottom of the document to affix indication papers
4) The margin that divided paper into 2 columns when printing.

130) A systematic procedure for moving the CPU to new process is known as ?

1) Synchronisation
2) Context Switching
3) Deadlock
4) Starvation

131) Which of the following devices read the Input text, and converts it into readable text and stores it into system memory?

1) Mouse
2) OCR
3) Track Ball
4) Digitizer

132) Which of the following statements is FALSE, with respect to relation between Hardware and Software?

1) Hardware and Software are mutually dependent on each other
2) Particular Job can be done only when, relevant software is loaded into hardware
3) Software acts as an Interface between Hardware and Software
4) Software can be executed without using any Hardware compenents.

133) Which of the following protocols are used in Email?

1) FTP
4) ARP

134) Which of the following features are not supported by CPU?

1) It performs all kind of Data processing operations.
2) It stores data, immediate results and instructions.
3) It controls the operation of all parts of computers.
4) It can design the software programs by itself.

135) Which of the following the physical and tangible components of computers?

1) Hardware
2) Software
3) Firmware
4) Mediaware

136) Which of the following is not a type of Cell referencing in MS-Excel?

1) Absolute
2) Reflexive
3) Relative
4) Mixed

137) In MS powerpoint, what is motion path?

1) A slide transition effect applied to a slide
2) A blurring effect applied to text of slide.
3) A method of moving to last slide from any slide.
4) A method moving object/item on the slide

138) How many bits are used for an IP Address in IPV4 (Internet Protocol Version-4)?

1) 128
2) 32
3) 64
4) 48

139) Which one of the following is a Software?

1) Network Router
2) Network Interface Card
3) Application Gateway
4) Network Cables

140) Which of the following storage is used to store data permanently, even after the power supply to computer is turned Off?

1) Registers
2) Cache Memory 
3) RAM

141) Which of the following is not a function of Operating system?

1) Memory Management
2) Maintain Data Security and Integrity
3) Coordination between Software and Users
4) Database Management

142) F-12 Key in keyboard belong o which group of Keys

1) Numeric Keys
2) Function Keys
3) Control Keys
4) Special Purpose keys

143) March the Type of Devices with their Examples


144) Which of the following ports of Computer connects the Monitor?

1) VGA
2) Serial
3) Modem
4) Ethernet

145) Digital images are formed from Tiny Dots known as?

1) Pixels
2) Coordinates
3) Ordinals
4) References

146) Which among the following the correct description of Internet?

1) Network of Only Mobiles
2) Network of only Switches
3) Network of Switches
4) Network without computers

147) In which type of operating system, with similar needs are grouped together, before submitting the process required?

1) Batch Operating System
2) Time Sharing Operating System
3) Distributed Operating system
4) Network Operating system

Note: Remaining questions will be Updated Shortly 

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