Monday 5 August 2013

Apply Now for Content Writer Jobs in J&K : Salary: Rs 8500 Per Month

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Web Content Writer Jobs are in Demand these Days and are also high Paying. Those with excellent Writing skills are perfect for the Job of Content Writers. Even in our Home state (J&K), there is Huge requirement of Content Writers

This Jobs of Content Writer gives you an opportunity to Work from Home, thus saving your time and gives you flexible working hours. Work from home Jobs save your previous time and money while commuting in crowded traffic. Plus you will have your own working hours and get full support.

It is a unique opportunity to use your knowledge and writing skills, to create an additional source of Income, working Full time/Part time from Home.

What is a Content Writer ?

A content writer OR Content Creator is one who create content. The Content can be published either Online OR Offline

1) Online Content : With the growth of Internet technology and ever growing number of Websites, there is a huge requirement of Web Content Writers. The Content created by the Web Content Writer is published on Websites, Blogs, Forums, Article Directories etc

The Main thing for an Online Content Writer is that Content must be Unique, precise and to the point.

Moreover, the Online Content is not read, but scanned by the reader. As per a survey, 79% of readers, didn't read the content and only scans it means they only read, what is relevant

2) Offline Content : Offline content is one that is published in Newspapers, Magazines, Books etc. Eg Articles you see in Newspapers.

Requirement of Online Content  Writers

Jobs in Jammu, J&K's No.1 and Only Job Search Engine invites applications from interested candidates for the Job of Online Content Writers.

Pay-Scale: Rs 8500/ Per Month . Salary is great, if you compare it with what Government in paying under the New Recruitment Job Policy (Only Rs 5000/- Month). 

Plus there will be an increment @10% in Salary after every Six Month

  • It is a Home based Job, so can enjoy submit your work from Home.
  • You need a Laptop/PC and Internet Connection
  • All work will be delivered and received through Email only.
  • No Work on Sundays and Every 2nd Saturday.

Payment Policy: We have a very transparent payment policy. The Payments will be made Weekly, Bi-Monthly OR Monthly. The Payment will be done through NEFT OR Direct Account Transfer.

Who Need Not Apply for this Job ?

You should not apply for Job of Content Writer, 

1) If, you think, that it is a Copy-Paste Job

2) If you don't have a PC/Laptop and Internet Connection at Home.

3) If you don't have Good Writing skills.

Who is Eligible to Apply for Online Content Writers ?

Applicants willing to apply for Job in Online Content Writers (Article Writers), must full fill the below mentioned eligibility conditions.

  • Applicants must be having excellent Written English Skills
  • You need to be versed well in English and should be able to write articles in flawless English on given topics.
  • The is no Age Limit for this post.

Selection Process: We promise to follow a Fair Selection Policy. 

Remember, you selection depends upon, how well you write

Depending upon the Number of applications received, we will shortlist the candidates, based on their Educational Qualifications and Content Writing Experience. 

Those who will be shortlisted will be informed by Email. So keep a check on your Inbox activity.

Shortlisted Candidates, will be given a Topic, on which they need to Deliver content. You selection depends upon, how well you write.

Our Team, will inspect the content and those who write exceptionally well among all, will be finally selected. 

For any Queries, on selection process and shortlisting process, you can send Direct mail to 

Job Description

  • You need to create unique content that will be published online at Websites and blogs. The content must be self written and not to be copied from any source. 
  • You need to write Articles on Different Topics ranging from Education, Employment, Recruitment, Jobs, Health, Tourism, Places, Tutorials/ Manuals etc.
  •  Applicants must be able, to write motivating, Magnetic Content that grabs readers attention.
  • Excellent Writing, Editing and Computer Skills
  • Applicants must be fluent in Written English 
  • Applicants must have good command over Grammar

How To Apply ?

Registration Fee: There is No Registration Fee to apply for this, and there are No Hidden charges, to apply for Content Writer Jobs. Remember, we are not Placement Consultants, so there is full transparency in the Selection process.

To Apply for the Online Content Writer, you need to Submit your RESUME and Other information through the Apply Now Button given below

If you have any other Query, you can send mail to You will get reply with in 24 hours.

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