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Fully Solved JKSSB Teacher Science / Math Question Paper of 21st April


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Download Now the Fully Solved JKSSB Science/Maths Teacher Question Paper for Exam held on 21st April 2018

JKSSB has successfully conducted the First Science/Maths Teacher Exams on 21st April 2018. It is expected that several thousands of candidates have appeared for the said exam.The exam was fairly conducted at all the centres of J&K and this time, there is No news of any mismanagement and copying, thanks to the able chairmanship Mr. Simrandeep Singh. 

It is pertinent to mention here that JKSSB has announced 2154 Teacher Posts for 14 Districts of J&K in the Last week of Dec 2017. Online Registration for these posts ended in the 3rd week of Jan 2018 and following this JKSSB releases the Schedule for the conduct of Written Exam. At first, it was decided to conduct the Computer Based test, but due to large No. of candidates applied for the exam, the traditional OMR approach was followed ie Same Question Paper for all the Aspirants. 

The Second Batch of Teacher Exam ie Urdu Teacher is scheduled on 29th April 2018 and the Last phase comprising of Test for General Teacher, is scheduled in the month of May, however, the actual dates are yet to be announced and once the dates will be announced, we will update the same on our website.   

In this post, we will share the Fully Solved JKSSB Science/Maths Teacher Question Paper for Exam held on 21st April 2018. This Question Paper is particularly useful for those 
  • Appearing for Future JKSSB Teacher Aspirants
  • Who have their Urdu Teacher Exam on 28th April, 2018
  • Who have their General Teacher Exam in the month of May, 2018
And Last but not the least, anyone preparing for JKSSB Graduate Level Exams. 

These Question Papers will let you sense the Latest pattern followed by JKSSB and accordingly you can prepare for the upcoming JKSSB Exams.

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Fully Solved JKSSB 21st April 2018 Question Paper

As of now, we are sharing the Images of Today's JKSSB Science/Maths Question Paper and after some time by 11 PM, we will share the High-Quality PDF for Download.

Section-1 (Verbal Ability): 15 Questions (15 Marks)

1) Fill in the blanks with an appropriate proposition

Mohan killed the dog_______a stick.

A) By
B) With
C) From
D) Along

2) Fill in the blanks with an appropriate tense structure

The train________arrived before 6 8m tomorrow.

A) had
B) Will have
C) Have
D) Has

3) Fill In the blanks with appropriate articles:

It rained _____ whole night

A) A  
B) The
C) An
D) Any

4) Identify the synonym of the word 'Casual'?

A) Punish  
B) Occasional 
C) Regular 
D) Mischance

5) Identify the antonym of the word ’Cavil'?

A) Complain
B) Object
C) Appreciate
D) Deride

6) Identify the antonym of the word 'ALL'

A) Comfort
B) Afflict
C) Distress
D) Pain

7) Choose the sentence that is correctly punctuated.

A) The teacher asked Manish do you think that is a proper answer
B) The teacher asked Manish, do you think that is a proper answer?
C) The teacher asked Manis, "Do you think that is a proper answer?"
D) The teacher asked Manish do you think that is a proper answer?

8) Fill in the blanks with the appropriate article

I saw _____ inkpot lying in _____ room.

A) A, an
B) An, The
C) The, an
D) An, an

Directions for Questions (9 to 13)

Read the passage and answer the Questions that follow on the basis of the information provided in the passage

There is growing evidence that urbanization has a sharp impact on climate, causing changes that can wreak havoc on  precipitation patterns that supply the precious resource of water. The heavy amounts of heat and pollution rising from  cities both delay and stimulate the fall of precipitation, depriving some areas of rain while drenching others.

Cities are on an avarage one to ten degrees warmer than surrounding underdeveloped areas. Cities also produce large amounts of pollutants called aerosols, gaseous suspensions of dust particles or byproducts from the burning of fossil fuels. Both heat  and aerosols change the dynamics of clouds. When hoisted up in the sky, the microscopic particles act as multiple surfaces on which the moisture in clouds can condense as tiny droplets. This can prevent or delay the formation of larger raindrops that fall more easily from the sky, or it can cause the rain to fall in another location.

In California, pollution blows eastward and causes a precipitation shortage of around one trillion gallons a year across the Sierra Nevada mountain range. By contrast, in very humid cities, such as Houston, heat and pollutants seem to 
invigorate summer storm activity by allowing clouds to build higher and fuller before releasing torrential rains.

9) The phrase wreak havoc in the passage means

A) disrupt
B) strengthen
C) separate
D) Disjoin

10) What changes has urbanization brought in cities?

A) Cities more greener than before
B) Cities have clean air
C) Cities not much impacted
D) Cities warmer by 1-10 Degree

11) The word torrential is closest in meaning to

A) unexpected
B) heavy
C) warm
D) infrequent

12) Which of the following statements in TRUE?

A) Cities are largely free from pollutants
B) Undeveloped areas face a steady rise in Temperature
C) Heat and pollution delays fall of precipitation
D) Around two trillion gallons of precipitation shortage is caused by heat and pollution.

13) Choose the most suitable title for the passage

A) Urbanisation and Climate Impact
B) Heat and Torrential rain
C) Precipitation crises
D) Exploitation of fossil fuels

14) Fill in the blank with the correct idiom or phrase

Rohan had to change his plan of going out _______ because of sudden rain.

A) at a stretch
B) at an arm's length
C) at the eleventh hour
D) at the mercy

15) Choose the answer which will CORRECTLY fill the blank/s

Human being always ________ comfort in their living.

A) Love
B) Loves
C) Loving
D) is Living

Section-2 (Analytical Ability) : 15 Questions (15 Marks)

16) A man walked 6 Km to the south then he turns to his right and walks 13 km, next he moves 11 km to his right. Finally, he turns to the right and moves 23 km. Which direction is he now from his initial point?

A) east
B) north
C) south-west
D) North East

17) What is the next term in the series?

8,9, 8, 13, 16, 22, 48, 38 ?

A) 192
B) 53
C) 58
D) 98

18) In a certain language "WE HAD FUN"is coded as "HEN LAI TEN. JOY IS FUN" is coded as "DEN LEL JEN"/ "WE WILL COME" is coded as "TEN MEN BAI"/ What is a code word for "HAD"?


19) Find the time required to travel 391m at the speed of 17msec

A) 19 sec
B) 21 sec
C) 23 sec
D) 25 sec

20) A man travels from point A to point B which is at a higher elevation by boat and returns back in 27 hours. If the speed of the boat in still water is 15m/sec and speed of the current is 34 km/hr, the distance between A and B is

A) 275 Km
B) 315 KM
C) 325 KM
D) 440 Km

21) Anil walks 12km to the east then he turns to his right and walks 22 km again he moves 15 km to his right then he turns right and moves 40 km, next he moves 53 km to the right next he moves 64 km to his right. Finally, he turns to the right and moves 30 km. How far is he from the starting point?

A) 46 Km
B) 59 Km
C) 63 Km

D) 72 Km

22) Meena walked 26.6 m to the south She turns to her right and walks 19.5m Next, she moves 23.4 m to her left Next, she moves 8.5 m to her left. How for is she from her starting point?

A) 45.20 m
B) 51.19 m
C) 72.45 m
D) 32.75 m

23) Keerthi Is the daughter of Akash who a the son of Ramesh. Akash is the brother of Sudeep whose wife is Laxmi How Is Laxmi related to Keerthi?

A) Mother
B) Sister
C) Grandmother
D) Aunt

24) Which is the next term of the series? 

6561, 2187, 729, 243, ?

A) 63
B) 81
C) 124
D) 127

25) In each of the following questions, there is a certain relationship between the two words given on the left side of. One word Is given on the right side of other word is to be found from the given alternatives which has the same relationship with this word as the one that exists between the pair of words given on the left side of:: Choose the correct alternative 

Circle : Cylinder:: Rectangle:?

A) Cuboid
B) Cone
C) Sphere
D) Hemisphere

26) Which is the next term of the series?

53 59 61 67 71 73 79, 83?

A) 93
B) 89
C) 101
D) 97

27) Which is the next term of the series?

37, 43, 53, 61, 71, 79, 89 ?

A) 101
B) 109
C) 113
D) 97

28) 2 persons are running around a circular track of 391 m length starting at same time from the same point at a speed of 17 m/s and 23 m/s respectively. When they would meet for the fast time at the starting point if they were moving in opposite direction?

A) 231 sec 
B) 391 sec
C) 431 sec
D) 170 sec

29) Pointing to a boy Rohan said "His sister is the daughter of my mother's only daughter-in-law. How is the boy relate to Rohan?

A) Son
B) Father
C) Nephew
D) Cousin

30) Complete the series 

aaz, bct, den, ggh ?

A) jik  
B) tdt
C) lul
D) muk

Section-3 (Computer)

31) JAVA is a

A) High-level language
B) Medium level language
C) Low level language
D) Assembly level language

32) Which of the following types of memory is costly in terms of cost per bit?

A) Cache
C) Registers
D) Hard Disk

33) The process of using an algorithm to transform information to make it unreadable for unauthorized users is 

A) Encryption
B) Decryption
C) Network security
D) Information Hiding

34) Which of the following is TRUE w.r.t Dynamic memories (DRAM) and Static memories (SRAM)?

A) SRAM is more inexpensive than DRAM.
B) DRAM requires the data to be refreshed every 15ms. but Statics RAM does not require periodic refreshing.
C) SRAM chips are physically smaller and store a large number of bits (High density).
D) DRAM does not require the data to be refreshed but SRAM refreshes for every 15ms

35) If an Operating system is capable of runing a program on more than one processor at a time, What type of feature it has?

A) Multitasking
B) Multiuser 
C) Parallel processing

36) A Printed Circuit Board that acts as a foundation of a computer and creates a communication channel between all the devices attached to it and located on the back side or at the botton of the computer chassis is

A) Sound Board 
B) Mother Board
C) Internet Board
D) Daughter Board

37) By default, what is the minimum and maximum fnot size visible in the font tool bar of MS Word 2016?

A) 8 and 72
B) 12 and 72
C) 6 and 68
D) 8 and 64

38) In MS Word 2007, to get the symbol Dialog box which of the following menus should be chosen

A) Insert
B) Format
C) Tool
D) Table

39) What is A2DP?

A) A Bluetooth profile for Video Streaming
B) A Bluetooth Profile for Audio Streaming
C) A Bluetooth Profile for Security
D) A Bluetooth Profile for Masking

40) In MS Word 2016, Which of the following Shortcut keys are used to create copyright symbol?

A) Alt+Ctrl+C
C) Ctrl+C
D) Ctrl+Shift+C

Section-4 (General Awareness and Current Affairs)

41) "Romancing with Life" is an autobiography of

A) Arundhati Roy
B) Dev Anand
C) Chetan Bhagat
D) Shiv Khera

42) The highest civilian honour, given for exceptional service towards advancement of Art. Literature and Science, and In recognition of Public Service of the highest order Is known as:

A) Padma Shri
B) Padma Bhushan
C) Padma Vibushan  
D) Bharat Ratna

43) Who among the following received the Kyoto Prize 2017 in Japan, for his work. "Development of Process-based Models of Photosynthesis and Their Contributions to the Science of Global Environmental Changes”?

A) Graham Farquhar
B) Richard Taruskin
C) Takashi Mimura
D) Edward Witten

44) Which of the following Is one of the languages spoken In Meghalaya state?

A) Khasi 
B) Mizo
C) Konkani
D) Sindhi

45) With whom India has signed a third protocol on December 2016 to amend DTAA (Double Taxation Avoidance Agreement) for tho avoidance of double taxation?

A) Singapore
B) Malaysia
C) United Arab Emirates
D) Oman

46) Tho authorized biography of Mahavir Singh Phogat by Saurabh Duggal is

A) Akhada
B) Dangal
C) Kushti
D) Pehelwaan

47) Which of the following countries has announced the plan to adopt Chinese yuan as legal tender?

A) Ethiopia
B) Kenya
C) Bhutan
D) Zimbabwe

48) Tho Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) has named former Indian All-rounder Ravi Shastri as the new chief coach of the Indian cricket team till

A) ICC World Cup 2018 •
B) ICC World Cup 2019
C) ICC World Cup 2020
D) ICC World Cup 2021

49) Who was the first Indian to win Wimbledon Junior Singles Title?

A) Leander Adrian Paes
B) Vijay Amritraj
C) Ramanathan Krishnan
D) Somdev Devvarman

50) In the first Commonwealth Games held in Hamilton Canada. 11 countries sent 400 athletes to take part in six sports and 59 events It was held in the year

A) 1928
B) 1930
C) 1938
D) 1940

Section-5 (Environmental Science)

51)  India's first Biogas bottling plant towards commercialization to demonstrate an integrated technology is set up in

A) Gulbarga, Karnataka
B) Salem, Tamil Nadu
C) Nashik, Maharashtra
D) Guntur, Andhra Pradesh

52) In India, the First ever action plan" The Ganga Action Plan" was taken up by

A) World Health Organisation, UN  
B) Ministry of Environment & Forest. GOI
C) Isha Foundation. India
D) World Wildlife Fund, Switzerland

53) What is the name of the renowned farm scientist who is called as the father of Green Revolution in India?

A) Sunderlal Bahuguna
B) M. C. Mehta
C) Baba Amte
D) M.S. Swaminathan

54) Sedimentary rocks are formed by the accumulation of sediments. An example of Sedimentary rock is

A) Basalt
B) Diorite 
C) Marble
D) Sandstone

55) Cambrian explosion took place approximately

A) 530 million years ago
B) 730 million years ago
C) 930 million years ago
D) 130 million years ago

56) Where is the Rawatbhata Atomic Centre of India located?

A) Karnataka
B) Maharashtra
C) Gujarat
D) Rajasthan

57) Bedni Bugyal, Dayara Bugyal and Panwal Bugyal are the fascinating meadows located in the state of 

A) Uttarakhand
B) Karnataka
C) Rajasthan 
D) Kerala

58) In India. Divecha Centre for Climate Change is located in

A) Indian Institute of Science. Bengaluru
B) Tata Institute of Fundamental Research. Mumbai
C) Jawaharlal Nehru University. New Delhi
D) North Eastern Hill University. Shillong

59) The Rio declaration. 1992 sets out 27 principles to guide the international community in achieving 

A) Sustainable development
B) Educational development
C) Financial development
D) Child development

60) Why too much of Carbon-dioxide in the atmosphere is bad?

A) Carbon-dioxide releases heat energy too fast 
B) Carbon dioxide entraps atmospheric heat
C) Carbon dioxide radiates heat back to the stratosphere
D) Carbon dioxide breaks chlorine in upper reaches of the atmosphere

 Section-6 (Physics)

61) The elastic energy stored per unit volume of the material. What its young's modulus Y is subjected to stress S is

A) SY/4 
B) SY/2
C) S(Square)/2Y
D) 2S/Y

62) The dimensional formula for modulus of rigidity Is

63) What is the angle through which cyclist should bend to avoid skidding during a turn?

64) The wheel of toy car rotates about axis and slows down from 200 rps to 100 rps in 2s. What is its angular retardation?

65) Susceptibility of a diamagnetic substance Is

A) zero
B) small but positive
C) small but negative
D) very large

66) An ideal heal engine operates between two temperatures 600 K and 900 K What is the efficiency of the engine approximately?

A) 50%
B) 80%
C) 100%
D) 33%

67) What is the frequency of beat. If the pulse rate of a man is 120 beats In one minute?

A) 120 Hz
B) 2 Hz
C) 12 Hz
D) 60 Hz

68) What will be the velocity after 6 seconds, If a 0.2 kg object at rest is subjected to a force or (0.3I- 0.4J)N?

A) (10i-12j)
B) (9i-12j)
C) (12i-9j)
D) (12i-10j)

69) 1 Fermi is equal to

A) 10 -15 cm
B) 10 -15 m
C) 10 -12 m
D) 10 -10 m

70) A radioactive element has a half-life period of 800 years After 2400 years, what amount of the radioactive element will remain?

A) 1/8  
B) 1/9
C) 1/2
D) 0

71) What Is the magnitude of e.m.f Induced in a 200 turns coil with cross-sectional area of 0.16 M, if the magnetic field through the coil changes from 0.10 Wbm-2 to 0.50 Wbm-2 at a uniform rate over a period of 0.02 seconds?

A) 540 V
B) 0 V
C) 640 V
D) 320 V 

72) What is the ratio of ionisation energy of Bohr's hydrogen atom and hydrogen-like lithium atom?

A) 1/6
B) 1/9
C) 1/8 
D) 1/5

Section-7 (Chemistry)

73) What will be the de Broglie wavelength (measured in the unit of m) for an object of mass 2 kg? moving at 50 m/s?

A) 2.6 × 10-35 m

B) 2.6 × 10-30 m
C) 6.6 × 10-35 m
D) 6.6 × 10-30 m

74) For a cubic box with Lenght 'L' and energy 14 h/ 8 mL, the degeneracy will be

A) 2
B) 3
C) 6
D) 9

75) Among interhalogens. the compound which readily forms dimers is ?

B) BrF3
C) IF3

76) Among the following compounds, the CORRECT order of the boiling point in descending order is

A) HF > H3O » H3N
B) HF >H3N > H2O
C) H20 > H3N > HF
D) H2O > HF > H3N

77) Which among the following Is the chemical composition of slag formed during me smelting process in the extraction of iron?

A) CaO + Fe2O3
B) CuFeS2
C) CaSiO3
D)   Cu2S + FeO

78) In Reimer–Tiemann reaction, the reaction of phenol with CHCl3in the presence of sodium hydroxide produces

A) 2 Methoxyphenol
B) 2-Carboxyphenyl
C) 2-Fomryphenol
D) 2-Dicholoromethylphenol

79) The reaction of sodium phenoxide with CO2 under pressure al a temperature of -398 K produces an intermediate compound

A) Sodium acetate
B) Sodium benzoate
C) Sodium bicarbonate
D) Sodium salcylate

80) Identify the species, with the highest bond order among the following

A) O2
B) (O2)
C) (O3)
D) (O2)2

81) Which of the following salts has the highest melting point?

A) LiF

B) LiCl
C) LiBr
D) Li

82) The Orbital having one radial node and two angular nodes is 

A) 2p

B) 3p
C) 3d
D) 4d

83) Identify the metals which can be extracted by the Cyanide process?

A) Silver

B) Mercury
C) Copper
D) Zinc

84) For boron trihalides, the correct order of acidity is

A) BF3 >  BCl3 > BBr3

B) BCl > BBr3  > BF3
C) BBr3  > BF3 > BCl3 
D) BBr3 > BCl3BF

Section-8 (Botany)

85) Yoked Keys are a type of dichotomous keys used in taxonomy Which of the following explains yoked keys?

A) It indents the choices of the couplet an equal distance from the left margin
B) It indents the choices of the couplet of equal distance from the right margin
C) It indents the choices of the couplet of equal distance from any margin
D) it indents the choices of the couplet an equal distance from the middle

86) What are the sexual organs through which moss reproduce sexuality known as?

A) Antheridia and archegonia
B) Conidia and basidia
C) Hormogonia and bulbils
D) Sporogony and plasmogamy

87) Which of the following is a modified stem that performs the function of photosynthesis?

A) Tendrils
B) Thorns
C) Cladodes 
D) Bulbils

88) Which of the following is the Scientific name of ladies finger?

A) Raphanus sativus 
B) Soianum melongena 
C) Lycopersican esculentum 
D) Abelmoschus esculentum

89) Match the common names to the scientific names of fruits used commonly for human consumption

Common Name
Scientific Name
i) Watermelon
a) pyrus malus
ii) Apple
b) musa paradisiaca
iii) Banana
c) citrullus vulgaris

A) (i)-a, (ii)-c, (iii)-b  
B) (i)-b, (ii)-a, (iii)-c  
C) (i)-c, (ii)-a, (iii)-b  
D) (i)-c, (ii)-b, (iii)-a  

90) Serotaxonomy Is a system of classification of plants Which BEST describes Serotaxonomy from among the following?

A) Classification of very similar plants by means of differences In Ihe proteins they contain
B) Classification of very similar plants by means of differences in the carbohydrates they contain
C) Classification of dissimilar plants by means of transpiration modes they have
D) Classification of dissimilar plants by means of differences in floral structures

91) Malus Domestica Is the scientific name of apple.It is a small deciduous tree which belongs to the family

A) rosaceae
B) ranunculaceae
C) papaveraceae
D) solanaceae

92) Which among the following, families belong to gymnosperms?

A) Acanlhaceae
B) Acoraceae
C) Comaceae
D) Cycadophyta

93) Classical Taxonomy is the discipline of detecting describing, and classifying new species Which of the following is also known as Classical Taxonomy?

A) Beta taxonomy
B) Encyclopaedic taxonomy
C) Alpha taxonomy
D) Chemotaxonomy

94) Tako a look at (I), (il) and (ill) Which of the following statements are CORRECT?

(I) Hornworts have irregular lobed or branching bodies, known an thali
(ii) Liverworts have thin atoms around when simple leaves branch out
(III) Mosses, hornworts and liverworts are often collectively referred to as pteridophytes

A) (i)-TRUE. (ii) TRUE, (iii) TRUE
B) (i)-TRUE (ii) FALSE. (iii) TRUE
C) (i)-TRUE (ii) FALSE, (iii) FALSE
D) (i) FALSE, (ii) TRUE, (iii) FALSE

95) Which of the following is TRUE about mosses and liverworts?

A) Mosses have brown, unicellular rhizoids while Liverworts have hyaline one-celled rhizoids
B) Mosses have leaves in three rows while liverworts have leaves in spirals
C) Mosses and liverworts do not have water conducting cels
D) Mosses have no midvein in their leaves while liverworts have leaves with midvein present

96) Which of the following is a secondary metabolite in plants?

A) Flavonoids
B) Ethanol
C) Hyaluronic acid
D) Amino acids

 Section-9 (Zoology)

97) The term 'Limnology' is derived from the Greek word "limne" It Is the

A) Study of inland waters 
B) Examination of marine organisms 
C) Study of coral reef 
D) Examination of airborne organisms

98) What does taxonomy deal with?

A) Describing, identifying, classifying and naming living beings.
B) Describing, identifying, classifying and naming rocks.
C) Describing, identifying, classifying and naming minerals.
D) Describing, identifying, classifying and naming organic compounds.

99) Which among the following sciences apply the scientific method to the challenge of maintaining and restoring global biodiversity and ecosystem?

A) Conservation science
B) Global environment science 
C) Bio science
D) Environmental sconce

100) Which of the following is a biorepository or a collection of biologic specimens containing genetic material gathered from living organisms?

A) Gene bank
B) Gene pool 
C) Gene flow 
D) Gene frequency

101) Which fungus is responsible for the extinction of Darwin frog (Rbroderma Darwinil) according to an International study published in (2017) in the journal Proceedings of the Royal Society of London?

A) Erioderma pedicellatum
B) Zygomycota
C) Batrachochytrium dendrobatidis
D) microsporidia

102) Which among the following can be defined as the state of unresponsiveness to a specific antigen or group of antigens to which u person is normally responsive?

A) Adaptive immunity
B) Immune tolerance
C) Cell-mediated immunity 
D) Antigenic Immunity

103) Which among the following is NOT included In the medical parasitology?

A) Parasitic protozoa
B) Parasitic helminths
C) Arthropods that act as a vector 
D) Parasitic Mollusca

104) Green glands are excretory in function which is found in

A) Spiders
B) Limulus
C) Scorpions
D) Prawns

105) Identify the branch of science that explores the chemical processes within and related to living organisms.

A) Biochemistry
B) Biotechnology
C) Bioavailability 
D) Biophysics

106) A lipid is composed of one molecule of glycerol combined with

A) Three molecules of fatty acid
B) Six molecules of water
C) Ten molecules of water
D) Ton molecules of fatty acid

107) Which among the following is the smallest of all tapeworms found In humans, also known as the dwarf tapeworm?

A) taenia saginata
B) taenia solium
C) hymenolepis nana
D) diphyllobothrium latum

108) Which among the following fields of biochemistry Is devoted only to the study of diet, health and metabolism?

A) Applied Biochemistry
B) Nutritional Biochemistry
C) Analytical Biochemistry
D) Lipid Biochemistry

Section-10 (Mathematics)

109) If the length of the diagonals of a rhombus are 24 cms and 32 cms respectively, then the area of the rhombus is 

A) 192 Sq. cms
B) 284 Sq. cms
C) 400 Sq. cms
D) 484 Sq. cms

110) In the figure given above, side BC is parallel to the line joining the points D and E.IF DE= 3 cms, BC= 6 cms and AD= 4cms, then the length of DB is

A) 8 cm 
B) 6 cm
C) 4 cm
D) 3 cm

111) How many four digit even numbers are possible by using the digits 0,1,2,3,5 only once

A) 120
B) 60
C) 42
D) 24

112) A team of 4 members is to be selected.There are 4 men and 2 women available for selection. In how many ways the team can be selected?

A) 12
B) 13
C) 14
D) 15

113) A bag contains 4 red and 5 blue balls. Two balls are drawn at random. What is the probability that both the balls are drawn are blue? (Ball First removed is not replaced)

A) 25/81
B) 5/18
C) 1/4
D) 5/36

114) IF a= b2 = c and C2 =ab, then the value of a [(y+x)/xy]z

A)  1
B)  2
C)  3
D)  4

115) IF Log10 2 = 0.3010, then the number of digits in 5100 ?

A) 68
B) 69
C) 70
D) 71

116) What is the value of 

( tan 10 × tan 11  × tan 12 × _ _ _ _ _ _ _ × tan 79 × tan 80 0 )

A) 0
B) 1
C) -1
D) (under root) 3

117) A number when divided by 8 gives 3 as the remainder. What is the remainder, when the same number is divided by 4?

A) 0
B) 1
C) 2
D) 3

118) IF  (x+(1/x))=6, then the value of (x2(1/x)2) is

A) 32
B) 33
C) 34
D) 35

119) In a town, each and every person read only three of the newspapers Hindu, Time of India and Indian Express. Distribution of people reading them is given in the form of Venn Diagram given below 

How many people read almost 2 newspapers?

A) 129
B) 251
C) 380
D) 398

120) How many natural numbers are there between 123 and 999, that is completely divisible by 7?

A) 123
B) 124
C) 125
D) 126

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