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101 to 200 : Expected Questions on Power Projects and Constitution of J&K


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101 to 200 Expected Questions for JKSSB Graduate Level Exam on 5th March, 2017

Only a few days, have left for the JKSSB Graduate Level Exam, 2017. JKSSB had released the Admit cards for its exam on 5th March, 2017. If, you haven't yet download the Admit cards, then you should download it as soon as possible and In case, your admit card is not available, then you should contact the JKSSB Office in this regard. Those having their Admit cards, without the Photograph, they should get the photograph attested by Gazetted Officer. Here is the step by step process for Downloading the JKSSB Admit Cards.

In our previous post on 500 Expected Questions for JKSSB Exams, we have shared the Expected Questions on Indus Water Treaty , RTI Act and Lakes and Rivers of J&K and Today in this post, we will be sharing Next 100 Questions ie 101 to 200 Questions on Power Projects of J&K and Constitution of Jammu and Kashmir.

It will include

1) 55 Questions on Power Projects of J&K.

2) 45 Questions on Constitution of J&K

101 to 200 Expected Questions for JKSSB Exam (on 5th March, 2017)

(I) Expected Questions on Power Projects of J&K 

This topic has its special place in the J&K General Knowledge section and every year 3-4 questions are asked from this topics. 2 Types of Questions are asked from this section

1) Installed Capacity of various Power Projects of J&K
2) Rivers associated with Power Projects
3) Location of Power Projects.

101) The Total Installed Capacity of Jammu and Kashmir in term of Power Generation is?

Ans: 2579.49 MW

102) Which of the following countries is associated with Indus Water Treaty?

Ans: India and Pakistan

103) From which year the village electrification programme was made a part of Prime Minister’s Gramodaya Yojana?

Ans: 2001-02

104) Which of the organizations, act as a Nodal agency for the development of small hydro power potential in the state of J&K

Ans: State Power Development Corporation

105) The 120 MW Hydro Power Project SEWA-II of NHPC in the basholi belt of J&K is located on which of the following rivers?

Ans: Ravi

106) Which of the projects have been handed over to NHPC for execution?

Ans: i) URI HEP II
ii) Bursar II
iii) Sewa II HEP

107) Which treaty prohibits reservoir storage of water on major rivers of Jammu and Kashmir?

Ans Indus Water Treaty

108) Which of the Projects does not fall under Chenab basin ?

Ans: Karnah

109) Iqbal Hydroelectric Project is located on which river?

Ans: Wakharong

110) When was the Jammu and Kashmir State Power Development Corporation Limited is corporate?

Ans: 16th Feb, 1995

111) The Hydroelectricity in Jammu and Kashmir is not being fully harnessed due to which of the following reasons

Ans  (a) Long gestation periods for hydro power projects

(b) Skewed Tariff Profile

(c ) Unavailability of Reliable Hydrological data.

112) “Kiru” Power project and “Kawar” Power project which has the capacity of 600 WM and 520 MW respectively has been taken by which of the following corporations?

Ans:  Jointly by  JKSPDC  , NHPC  and Power Trading Corporation

113) Which of the following statements is/are correct about Jammu and Kashmir State Power Development Corporation Limited?

a) It plan, promote and organize an integrated and efficient development of power and all its aspects

b) Investigation, research, design and preparation of preliminary feasibility and detailed project reports.

c) Construction of Transmission lines and ancillary works for timely and coordinated supply of power

d) All the Above

Ans : All the Above

114) Consider the Following statements

(I) Jammu and Kashmir is one of the energy starved states of the country

(II) The state generates just 25% of the actual demand for electricity

Which of the following statements is/are true ?

(a) Only I

(b) Only II

(c) Both I and II

(d) None of the above.

Ans: Both I and II

115) Which of the following is a part of power projects of Jhleum Basin ?

Ans: Sewa

116) Which centrally Government sponsored scheme provides for Rural Electrification in the state ?

Ans: Prime Minister’s Gramodaya Yojana

117) J&K has abundant water resources and great potential for hydro power, estimated at over

Ans: 20,000 MW

118) Power Projects along the River basins

Name of Basin
River at Maska

119) Which sector has shown the highest increase in power consumption in the state?

Ans: Domestic

120) When did the Jammu and Kashmir micro/mini hydro power projects came into Existence?

Ans: 2011

121) Villages in Ladakh are dependent on which of the following for its electricity needs?

Ans Diesel sets

122) Solar Energy can be used for which of the following purposes?

Ans Cooking, Water Pumping, street Lightning etc

123) Salal Hydro Project is located on which river?

Ans: Chenab

124) How much power is estimated to be generated from the geothermal energy?

Ans: 40 MW

125) The JKSPDCL is perusing the development of Geo-Thermal Project in Puga Valley in which of the following regions?

Ans: Ladakh 

126) Which of the following are Non-Conventional sources of energy?

Ans All these (Solar Energy, Geo Thermal Energy and Photo Voltaic Technology

127) Solar energy has provisions as an income source for 

Ans: Entrepreneurs

128) What is the increased consumption of power in Industrial sector?

Ans: 59.39%

129) Puga valley in ladakh region is a potential source for 

Ans: Geothermal energy

130) Solar Photovoltaic technology is the conversion of 

Ans: Solar energy into Electricity

131) Which is the First Hydro Electric Project of J&K

Ans Mohra Hydro Electric Project (Estd. 1905)

132) Which is currently the biggest Power Generation Project of J&K ?

Ans Salal Hydro Electric Project

133) What is the Installed capacity of Baglihar-I ?

Ans 450 MW

134) Uri Dam is built on which river ?

Ans Jhelum

135) Name the Power Projects Operational on Chenab River ?

Ans Salal, Baghlihar and Dul Hasti (390 MW)

136) What is the Installed capacity of Salal Hydro electric Project?

Ans 690 MW

137) Where is Nimo Bazgo Power Project Installed ?

Ans Indus (In Leh)

138) What is the Installed Capcity of URI-I and URI-II ?

Ans URI-I: 480 MW
       URI-II: 240 MW

139) Where is Kishanganaga Power Project Located ?

Ans Bandipora (Capacity: 330 MW)

140) Where is Pakal Dul Dam Projected?

Ans Chenab (Kishtwar) Capacity : 1000 MW

141) Over which river Ratle Power Project is projected to be built?

Ans Chenab River (Doda District) 

142) What is Installed Capacity of Ratle Power Project?

Ans 850 MW

143) What is the Installed capacity of Nimmo Bazgo Power Project?

Ans 45 MW

144) Which company is working on the development of Nimmo Bazo Power Project?

Ans Developed by NHPC while BHEL has  executed Electro mechanical works.

145)  Over which river Chutak Power Project is built ?

Ans Suru River (A Tributary of Indus) in Kargil

146) What is the Installed capacity of Chutak Power Project?

Ans 44MW

147) Where Dhumkar Dam is projected to be built?

Ans  Leh District over Indus River

148) What is proposed installed capacity of Dhumkar Dam?

Ans 45MW

149) Where in J&K, JKSPDSL has bult the First ever Gas Turbine?

Ans Pampore  with capacity of 175 MW

150) In which year, JKSPDS was incorporated as Private Limited Company in J&K?

Ans 16th Feb, 1995.

151) What is the estimated Hydro Potential of J&K in terms of power generation?

Ans 20000 MW

152) Over which river, Ranjit Sagar Dam Power Project is Built?

Ans Ravi in Shahpur Kandi

153) Where Stakna Hyrdo electric project is built ?

Ans Leh (Sind Nallah)

154) What is the installed capacity of URI-II?

Ans: 240 MW

155) In which district Kishanganga Power Project is located?

Ans Bandipora

(II ) Expected Questions on Constitution of Jammu and Kashmir.

This is one of the most important topics of J&K General Knowledge section and ever year we have 4-5 Questions from this section. Questions in this section are commonly asked on basic knowledge of Topic and Difficulty Level is Easy to Moderate.

156) Who was the president of Drafting Committee?

Ans G M Sadiq

157) Till When the Title of Sadre-e-Riyasat for Governor and Prime Minister for Chief Minister was used in J&K

Ans 1965

158 ) When did Jammu and Kashmir Acceded with India?

Ans 26th Oct, 1947

159) Which section of constitution, describes the Relationship of state with Union of India?

Ans Section-3

160) How many schedules are these are in the Constitution of J&K?

Ans 7 Schedules

161) Which section deals with right of permanent residents?

Ans Section-10

162) In how many parts, Constitution of J&K divided?

Ans 13 Parts

163) Under which section Governor rule can be imposed in J&K?

Ans Section-92

164) Which Section Deals with Right to Free and Compulsory Education?

Ans Section-20

165) Which is the Official Language of J&K?

Ans Urdu

166) Which section provides for Separation of Judiciary from Executive?

Ans Section 18

167) Which section provides for Equality and Secularism?

Ans Section-25

168) Which section provides the Limit on Legislative and Executive Powers of state? 

Ans Section-5

169) Which Part of Constitutions Deals with Directive Principles of State Policy?

Ans Part-IV

170) Which part of constitution deals with rights of Permanent residents?

Ans Part-III

171) Which Schedule of J&K’s constitution deals with Regional Languages?

Ans Schedule VI

172) Which is the only right that has been added in the Indian Constitutional History and it not extended to J&K?

Ans Right to Education

173) Which Part of Constitution deals with Executive?

Ans Part-V

174) Which Section provides for provisions related to Pakistan Occupied Kashmir?

Ans Section-48

175) As per the Section-48 of Constitution, how many Assembly seats are recognized in Pakistan Administered Kashmir

Ans 24 Seats

176) Under which section, Judges of High court can be removed

Ans Section-99

177) Which Section provides for appointment of Governor?

Ans Section-27

178) Which Part of J&K’s constitution deals with public grievances?

Ans Part-IX

179) As per the Section-5 of J&K constitution, state can make Laws on all matters, except 

Ans Defense, Foreign Affairs, Finance and Communication

180) Which Part provides for amendment of Constitution?

Ans Part XII

181) Which Part of J&K Constitution Deals with Elections?

Ans Part X

182) Which Section of J&K’s constitution deals with Rights of Women? 

Ans Section-22

183) Who is the Head of the state in J&K , as per Section 26 of J&K’s constitution?

Ans Governor

184) Which Section deals with “ Rights of Children”?

Ans Section-21

185) Which Part of Constitution deals with Transmonal Provisions?

Ans PartXIII

186) Which Part of Constitution deals with The High court?

Ans Part-VII

187) Can Union of India Declare Financial Emergency in J&K?

Ans No

188) In which case, Emergency can be declared in Jammu and Kashmir

Ans In case of War, External Aggression

189) Which section of J&K’s constitution states that “The state of Jammu and Kashmir is and shall be an Integral part of Union of India?”

Ans Section-3

190) Which section provides for Protection of Governor?

Ans Section-143

191) Who has signed the Constitution of J&K into Law?

Ans Dr. Karan Singh

192) Which Schedule of Constitution deals with Oaths and Affirmations?

Ans Fifth Schedule

193) Which section provides for Organization of Village Panchayats?

Ans Section-16

194) Which Part of the Constitution deals with Public Services?

Ans Part-IX

195) Which section Deals with the Public Service Commission of state?

Ans Section 128

196) Which article of Indian constitution gives autonomy to the state of Jammu and Kashmir ?

Ans Article 370

197) When J&K constituent Assembly was established?

Ans September, 1951.

198) When was J&K’s constitution adopted?

Ans 17th November, 1956

199) When did Constitution of J&K came into force?

Ans 26th Jan, 1957

200) Who was the chairman of Drafting Committee of constitution?

Ans Shri Girdhari Lal Dogra

Upcoming, What's Next ?

In our upcoming post, we will share the Next Expected 100 Questions (201 to 300) for JKSSB Exam.

201 to 300 Expected Questions for JKSSB Exam (Coming Tomorrow)

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