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JK General Knowledge Questions of JKSSB Graduate Level Exams of 2013-2015


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Going to appear for JKSSB Graduate Level Exam in April 2016 ? Here are the JKSSB Previous Years Questions from J&K General Knowledge

Did you know, that JKSSB had rescheduled its 25th December, Graduate Level Exam, following the complaints of Mass copying. The decision to conduct the exam again, was taken only few days back, and the Every one here would be eager to know the Revised Schedule of Exam. As per the Official Notification, JKSSB Graduate Level Exam, will be held in the month of April, 2016. The Dates are yet to be finalised and we hope, soon there will be Notification by JKSSB regarding the announcement of Date

So not many Days are left for this Exam. If you are the one, going to appear in this exam, then this post, has something very useful for you. If, you remember, just 3 days, before the 25th Dec Exam, we have posted 100 Expected Questions for JKSSB Graduate Level Exam for J&K General Knowledge Section and today, in this post, we will share the J&K General Knowledge Questions asked in Previous JKSSB Exams. from 2013-2015

It is worth mentioning here that JKSSB had conducted the 1st Graduate Level Exam in 2013 followed by 2014 and twice in 2015 (22nd Nov and 25th Dec) and Now the Next JKSSB Graduate Level Exam is scheduled in April, 2016. So, we have collected and complied the J&K GK Questions from the all the 4 Papers. 

Applicants must note that this Section (General Knowledge with Special Reference to J&K) has a weightage of 25 Marks as per the JKSSB Graduate Level Syllabus, with a 16.6% Share in Total marks. So, if you prepare this section properly, you can score even 100% marks in this section. All you need is to study accordingly, as per the Syllabus. Unlike, General Knowledge Section, that has vast Syllabus, this section has very limited syllabus, and even you will find that same Questions gets repeated over the years.

So, it is highly advisable that you should go through these Questions, as these Questions, will clear your Doubts and you will get idea about the composition of Questions from this section. 

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Here are the Sub-Topics of the General Knowledge with Special Reference to J&K

 (1) Lakes and Rivers of J&K  
(2) Tourist and Historical Places of J&K 
(3) Constitution of J&K 
(4) Jammu and Kashmir RTI Act 
(5) History of J&K
(6) Indus Water Treaty 
(7) Important Crops, Climate and Transport
(8) Important Power Projects of J&K

1) Rivers & Lakes: 

  • Origin of Jhelum: Verinag
  • Origin of Chenab River: Bara-Lacha
  • Mansabal is famous for: Lotus
  • Which Lake is Known as “Harmukh Ganga”:  Gangabal
  • In which valley in Yarab TSO Lake Situated: Nubra Valley
  • Which of the following rivers is known as 'The Veth'? Jhelum (2015)
  • Which of the following is the second largest lake in the state of Jammu and Kashmir? Dal Lake (2015)
  • Which of the following lakes lies in the Jammu region of Jammu and Kashmir state? Mansar (2015)
  • Which of the following is the source of river Tawi? Kailash Kund (2015)
  • In which of the following districts of Jammu and Kashmir is the Manasbal Lake situated? Ganderbal (2015)
  • Which one of the following lakes is connected with Jhelum by a canal near Sumbal? Mansbal (2015)
  • Which one of the following rivers is called as Vetesta in Sanskrit? Jhelum (2015)

2) J&K Constitution: 

  • Article 356 & Article 357 were extended to J&K in: 1965
  • Which Article of Indian Constitution gives Autonomy to state of Jammu and Kashmir : Article 370
  • In which year constitution of J&K comes into force: 1957
  • Into how many parts is the constitution of Jammu and Kashmir divided? 13 Part (2015)
  • In which part of the constitution of Jammu and Kashmir is the Directive Principles of the State Policy mentioned? : Part-IV (2015)
  • Under which section of the state constitution can Governor's rule be imposed in Jammu and Kashmir Section-92 (2015)
  • For how long can Governor's rule be imposed with the consent of the President of India, in case of failure of constitutional machinery in Jammu and Kashmir? 6 months (2015)

3) Indus Water Treaty:

  • Indus water treaty happened in: Sept, 1969
  • Which institution stepped in to Resolve the Indus Water treaty : World Bank
  • When was Indus Water treaty Signed: 1969

Note: In 2015, No Question was asked from Indus Water treaty section

4) Important Power Projects: 

  • Installed capacity of URI-1 Dam is : 480MW
  • Which hydro-electric power project is located immediately downstream of Lower Jhelum Power: URI-1
  • Over which river is Baghlihar Power plant built: Chenab
  • Installed capacity of URI-II: 240 MW
  • URI Dam is built on which river: Jhelum
  • Which of the following rivers serves for Salal hydel project of Jammu and Kashmir: Chenab (2015)
  • In which of the following districts of Jammu and Kashmir, is the Chutak Hydroelectric project located : Kargil (2015)
  • What type of project is Sewa-III Hydroelectric Project? Small (2015)
  • The Chutak Hydro- electric Project is established on the river Suru(2015)
  • Which private limited company has been incorporated by the government of Jammu and Kashmir to take care of various power projects? Jammu & Kashmir State Power Development Corporation Limited(2015)
  • What is the power generating capacity of Dumkhar HEP constructed over river Indus on state economy of J&K? 70MW (2015)
  • What is the total power generation capacity of Jammu and Kashmir under central and state sectors as on June 2015? 2672.20 MW (2015)

5) J&K RTI Act: 

  • J&K RTI Act comes into force on
  • Chapter III of RTI J&K Act 2009 deals with
  • J&K RTI Act, provides for setting out the regime of Right to Information, for the people of state in order to provide (Q 109)
  • In which year, the State Level RTI Act first Enacted in J&K: 2004
  • What should be the time frame to provide information under Jammu and Kashmir Right to information Act 2009, if it concerns the life and liberty of a person?: 48 Hours (2015)
  • Who among the following is responsible to give Information to a person who seeks information under the RTI Act? PIO (2015)
  • In which year was the Jammu & Kashmir State Right to Information Act passed? 2004 (2015)

6) Historical Places: 

  • Hill of Hari Parbhat has shrine of : Sharika Mata
  • First Fortification of Hari Parbhat was constructed by: Akbar
  • What was the name of the First Mosque that was constructed in Ladakh Region: Jama Masjid
  • The Amar Mahal palace is located on the Banks of which River: Tawi River
  • On the Banks of which river, you find Bahu fort: Tawi River
  • The Bahu fort is situated on the banks of the river: Tawi River (2015)
  • Jammu city is also known by which of the following names: City of Temples (2015)
  • Under whose reign was the Hari Parbat fort built? Akbar (2015)
  • The temple of Vaishno Devi is located on the mountain Trikuta Hills (2015)
  • Shrine of four Lords Gon-Khang is located in which district of Jammu and Kashmir?  Leh (2015)
  • Mamleshwar temple in phalgam is devoted to the Hindu god Lord Shiva(2015)
  • Which one of the following valleys starts at the base of Zoji La pass? Drass  (2015)
  • Hari Parbat Fort was built by Atta Mohammad Khan(2015)

7) Tourist Destinations:  

  • Jama Masjid of Srinagar was built by: Sultan sikander 
  • At which place is tourism is around the year: Vaishno Devi
  • Nishat Bahg was built in which year: 1600-1650
  • Gulmarg is located in which district of Jammu and Kashmir? Barmulla(2015)
  • Which of the following places is known as "Meadow of Flowers" ? Gulmarg(2015)

8) Abbreviations, Important dates, popular names of personalities and their achievements/ Contribution (National and International): 

  • Who was associated with Amritsar Treaty: Gulab Singh and British India
  • What does JKBOSE stands for: Jammu and Kashmir State Board of School Education
  • Who among the following is a Padam Vibushan Awardee from J&K in 1972: 
  • Who became the chief minister of Jammu and Kashmir after the assembly election in 2015? Mufti Mohammad Sayeed (2015)
  • When was for the first time Governor's rule imposed in Jammu and Kashmir? March 1977 (2015)
  • What is the full form of JKNPP? Jammu and Kashmir National Pathers Party (2015)
  • Who among the following invaded Kashmir on 24 October, 1947? Tribal Pathans (2015)

9) History of J&K: 

  • Founder of Karkota Dynasty in Kashmir
  • Which king of J&K, agreed to accede to India, in return of Military aid: Hari Singh
  • When was Srinagar-Muzaffarbad Bus service started: April 2005
  • Who was the last ruling Maharaja of the princely state of Jammu and Kashmir in India?: Hari Singh (2015)
  • Who was the writer of 'Rajatarangini' that records the oldest and fullest history of the legendary kings of Kashmir? Kalhana (2015)
  • According to historians, Kashmir valley was originally known by which of the following names?: Kashayapmar (2015)
  • Who was the prime minister of Maharaja Hari Singh under the Constitution of 1939? MC Mahajan(2015)
  • To whom did Britishers sell Kashmir after it became a princely state in March 1846? Gulab Singh (2015)

10) Weather, Climate, Crops, Means of Transport

  • Which of the following spices is grown in the state of Jammu and Kashmir? Saffron (2015)
  • Which of the following activities in Indian agriculture is known as Golden Zest? Saffron cultivation(2015)
  • Which spice knows as the most expensive spice in world is grown in J&K: Saffron

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  5. Highly apperaciable and cheeful.... but a request for u'r highness kindly upload General science..... computer
    ...& sports sections also....

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