Saturday, 18 April 2015

How to Prepare for JKSSB Naib Tehsildar Exam 2015 : Expert Tips

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We all know how much important it is these days for a person to be employed and have a good paying job. It is a dream to have a secured government job which gives us both a lucrative salary package and offers us a good position in the organization too. But we also are familiar with the fact of how difficult it is to find and collect genuine information about the same. So, if you are one of those who are waiting or rather say were waiting for the announcement of a high reputed job in Jammu and Kashmir, there is good news for you. So here is the one in a lifetime opportunity for you to grab and get your place fixed in the government. It is important here to notice that the Naib Tehsildar Recruitment 2015 is being conducted after 13 long years, last being announced in the year 2002

The job notification for the Naib Tehsildar recruitment was announced by the Jammu and Kashmir Service Selection Board (JKSSB) on 8th April 2015. The total number of jobs announced in this recruitment drive is 134. Don’t be fooled by the number of posts, they might seem like a large number but the number of applicants are going to be magnanimous. It is expected that 75,000 plus students will sit for the exam.

So to crack this prestigious exam proper plan with right amount of map print for preparation is required. Here are some tips which can help the students to pass this exam with flying colors.

Books for JKSSB Naib Tehsildar Exam

 Naib Tehsildar Previous Question Papers

 Syllabus for JKSSB Naib Tehsildar Exam 2015

Expert Tips to Pass the Naib Tehsildar Exam-2015

1) Time Management: As we know, the syllabus for this exam is detailed and needs focused attention, therefore time management is a very important factor for the preparation of this exam. If the syllabus is finished on time, the student will feel more confident and will automatically lessen the burden. So for every component or chapter a time frame should be fixed to complete the same. 

2) Right Attitude and Focus: Focus is one of the key words to clear the exam. With right amount of determination, focus, hard work and patience this exam can be cracked. Another thing to be taken into consideration is to give enough time to the topics which are vast and hard rather than ones which are easy.

3) Identify the weak areas: It is very amusing that some students focus on the strong portion but ignore the weak areas while preparing for the exam. It is a myth that such a strategy would help the students to fetch more marks. The student should always try and concentrate on the weaker sections so that it also helps the students attempting questions from the same in the exam.

4) Practicing with the Mock Tests: Mock tests are a very important step in the preparation of any exam. Solving previous year question paper and practicing on the same pattern helps the student to adapt the same technique required for the exam and also boosts the confidence level.

5) Speed and Accuracy: Solving the paper in given amount of time is also a challenge, hence the students have to be fast and accurate with their speed and have to achieve both these things in the mock tests and while preparing for the exam.

6) Making notes of the topics: Note making has proved to be an efficient and very helpful mean for the students preparing for the exam. It helps to reduce a lot of time while revising a topic without any difficulty and reduces a lot of additional efforts too.

7) Eating Healthy and Sleeping on time: With the right focus and hard word, giving proper rest to your body is also important. It helps the mind to function faster and with more accuracy. Lack of sleep and good rest can lead to problems like depression and anxiety.

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  1. can you refer some books for this exam.. it would be very helpful.. thank you.