Monday, 9 November 2015

Complete List of JKSSB Exams on 22nd Nov 2015


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JKSSB Schedule for Exams on 22nd Nov Announced !

Remember, The Exam on 22nd Nov, 2015 is for Graduate Level Posts and the same that has been postponed on 8th Nov, 2015

The Last Week is full  of Drama , as far as JKSSB Exams are concerned. There are Notifications, regarding the postponements, Rescheduling of Exams and what Not and even confusion created regarding the conduct of Exam on 8th Nov, 2015.

 Here is the Chronology of Events that took place Since Oct 25.

On 25th Oct, JKSSB had announced that it will conduct next Exams on 7th and 8th Nov and then comes a notification, regarding the postponement of 7th Nov Exam and rescheduling the exam on 14th Nov.

But the Biggest Sequence of Events is yet to come and this is how things went on 7th Nov, 2015.

Sequence of Events on 7th Nov, 2015

1) First in the Evening at 8:30 PM, JKSSB had decided to go on with conducting the exam and issued statement that Exams will he held as per schedule and in places where there is curfew, the Admit Cards can be used as Curfew Passes.

2) Then, on the same Day at about 10:30 PM, JKSSB had announced that there there will be no exam on 8th Nov, due to strike in some areas of Kashmir Division.

3) On 8th Nov, 2015, in the Forenoon, JKSSB had released another notification informing,  that the postponed Exam of 8th Nov is now rescheduled for 22nd Nov, 2015.

JKSSB Announced Exams for 22nd Nov, 2015

Now, as per the Updated schedule, JKSSB is going to conduct the Exams on 15th 22nd and 29th Nov, 2015.

Today, JKSSB had also announced the List of Posts for which it is going to conduct the exams on 22nd Nov, 2015. 

Here is the List of posts for which the Board is going to conduct the exam on 22nd of Nov, 2015.

Note: These are those posts, for which the exam was scheduled for 8th of Nov, 2015...For complete list Of Item No.s. Cadres and Advt No, applicants are advsied to Read the PDf Document given at the end of this post

1) Accounts  Assistant {Advt No: 01 of 2015, 03 of 2014} 

2) JuniorSupervisor /Sub -Auditor {Advt No: 01 of 2014, 03 of 2014} 

3) Computer Assistant {Advt No: 01 of 2011, 01 of 2014, 03 of 2012, 04 of 2013, 09 of 2013, } 

4) Computer Operator {Advt No: 01 of 2014, 03 of 2012, 04 of 2013, 01 of 2014} 

5) Asstt. Handicraft Training Officer {Advt No: 01 of 2014, 03 of 2014} 

6) Vocational Instructor{Advt No: 01 of 2011} 

7) Manual Assistant Grade II {Advt No: 01 of 2011, 4 of 2013} 

8) Jr Laboratory Assistant {Advt No: 01 of 2011, 01 of 2015, 09 of 2013} 

9) Caretaker {Advt No: 01 of 2011} 

10) Assistant Designer SOD {Advt No: 01 of 2011} 

11) Telephone Operator {Advt No: 01 of 2011} 

12) EDP Supervisor {Advt No: 01 of 2012} 

13) Receptionist {Advt No: 01 of 2012} 

14) Grading / Marketing Inspector {Advt No: 01 of 2013} 

15) Extension Educator {Advt No: 01 of 2014, 04 of 2013} 

16) Designer {Advt No: 01 of 2014, 03 of 2012} 

17) Accountant-Cum- Storekeeper {Advt No: 01 of 2014, 02 of 2014} 

18) Sub-Inspector (Div Kashmir) {Advt No: 01 of 2014, 03 of 2012} 

19) Assistant Storekeeper cum Clerk {Advt No: 01 of 2014} 

20) Women IEC Worker {Advt No: 01 of 2014} 

21) Assistant Survey Officer {Advt No: 01 of 2015} 

22) Field Assistant {Advt No: 01 of 2015} 

23) Store Keeper {Advt No: 01 of 2015} 

24) Information Assistant / Exhibition Assistant {Advt No: 01 of 2015, 04 of 2013} 

25) Translator cum Newspaper Editor {Advt No: 01 of 2015} 

26 ) Laboratory Technician {Advt No: 02 of 2013} 

27) Social Worker / Superintendent of Homes {Advt No: 02 of 2014, 06 of 2013}

28) Museum Curator {Advt No: 03 of 2012} 

29) Mechanic (Electrician) {Advt No: 03 of 2012}

30) Supervisor Common facility Centre {Advt No: 03 of 2012}

31) Dy. Superintendent {Advt No: 06 of 2013}

32) Assistant Cameraman  {Advt No: 08 of 2010}

33) Labour Inspector {Advt No: 09 of 2013}

34) Health Educator {Advt No: 12 of 2013}

Admit Cards : The Admit Cards for these Exams on 22nd Nov, 2015 can be downloaded from the JKSSB Website . Here is the step by step process for Downloading the JKSSB Admit Cards

Here is the Official Notification, regarding the Schedule of exams on 15th Nov, 2015

Here is the Complete List of Posts for which Board is going to conduct the Exam on 22nd Nov, 2015..

Note: In the PDF below, the Exam on 7th Nov, is now rescheduled for 29th Nov and the Exam for 8th Nov, is now rescheduled for 22nd Nov, 2015.

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  1. SSC CHSL is also schedule on 15th Nov.So it would't be strange in the coming days that jkssb will postpone
    the Exam which are scheduled to b held on 15th Nov. due to collapse with SSC chsl ..what a coincident

  2. What salary do J&K Govt offer for the post of Accounts Assistant, Sub Inspector(Finance dept.) ....??