Friday, 15 May 2015

JKSSB Teacher Selection List for Jammu, Kathua, Udhampur, Samba and others

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JKSSB Teacher List for Udhampur is Out. See the Complete List 

There is no hiding in it, that JKSSB is the Laziest Recruitment agencies, not in J&K , but in whole India. Even, there are cases, where people have applied for posts 6 years back and still they are awaiting the selection Lists.

JKSSB Teacher Recruitment 2017 : 2154 posts

The same is the case with the JKSSB Teacher Selection Lists.It is worth mentioning here that applications for teacher posts were invited in Jan 2013, and the Written test was held in Sept, 2013. The result of Written test, was declared in Jan, 2014. The Interviews were held in April / May 2014 and Till Date , JKSSB had not declared the Selection Lists.

It took JKSSB more than 2.5 years from Notification, till declaration of results and Final selection lists are yet to be declared. There is nothing more of  Laziest than this, If a recruitment agency takes almost 3 years to declare the results.

Did you know, why it takes so much time for results declaration. The reason is that Selection List has been stayed in the High Court. Now Following the Court Directions, it has been ordered by the Honourable High Court to Declare the pending Teacher Selection Lists of remaining districts.

In this post, we are going to share the Complete List of Selection Lists to be Declared by JKSSB. The Districts for which Selection Lists are pending are : Jammu, Kathua, Samba, Udhampur, Rajouri and Doda

JKSSB Teacher Selection Lists: Samba, Doda, Udhampur, Kathua, Rajouri and Jammu

After a lot of hearings in the case Titled "Ravinder Kour &Ors Vs State of J&K & Ors."  and on the Day of Judgement, Court Ordered the JKSSB to go on with the selection process and declare the Selection Lists

Following Court Orders, JKSSB had started to Declare the Selection Lists of Pending Districts.

It has been decided that, Lists will be declared in the chronological order from Lower to Higher Vacancies i.e.  At First, the Lists will be out for those Districts that have lesser vacancies and then moving on to Districts with higher vacancies

Therefore the First in the List is Samba (With lowest No. of Vacancies) and the Last is Jammu (With Higher No. of Vacancies)

This is How the Lists will be Declared :

First : Samba
2nd: Doda
Fourth: Kathua
Fifth: Rajouri
Sixth: Jammu

UPDATE (As on 15th Oct, 2015)

15 Days after the Declaration of Jammu Teacher List, Today the JKSSB had announced the Selection Lists for Teacher posts in Udhampur District,

Here is the Lists-1, List-2, List-3

UPDATE (As on 1st Oct, 2015)

JKSSB Teacher List Declared for Jammu (On 1st Oct 2015)

After a Long Long wait, JKSSB had released the Selection List of Teacher on 1st Oct, 2015. The list is declared right One Month after the Kathus List.

Below we will share the All the Lists declared by SSB on its Official Website.

Here is the JKSSB Teacher List For Item No. 470 and Advt. No 6 of 2013

Here is the JKSSB Teacher List For Item No. 478 and Advt. No 5 of 201

JKSSB Teacher List For Item No. 342 and Advt. No 3 of 2012

JKSSB Teacher List Declared for Kathua (On 4th Sept)

Following the Stay Vacated on the Teacher Selections List on 1st Sept, 2015. JKSSB had today released the Selection Lists for District Kathua

Given below are the Selection Lists for the post of Teachers in Kathua District of J&K.

Selection List of candidates for the post of Teacher District Cadre Kathua Item No. 483 Notification No. 05 of 2013 Dated 02-03-2013. 

Selection List of candidates for the post of Teacher District Cadre Kathua Item No. 484 Notification No. 06 of 2013 Dated 10-05-2013.

Samba Teacher Selection List Declared by JKSSB on 13th May, 2015

Finally, on the Fruitful day 13th May, 2015, JKSSB had declared the Teachers Selection Lists for Samba District, thereby bringing smiles on Hundreds of aspirants.

Here is the Complete List of Selection Lists, with respect to the Item No.s and Notification No.s

Teacher Selection List for Samba

Select List of Candidates of District Cadre Samba Item No. 427 (3 of 2012)


Selection List of candidates for the post of Teacher (Education Department), District Cadre Samba, Item No. 503 (05 of 2013)

Selection List of candidates for the post of Teacher (Education Department), District Cadre Samba, Item No. 605 (06 of 2013)

Updates: What's Next?

The next Big thing is the Declaration of Teacher Selection Lists of Pending Districts of Jammu Division. viz. Doda, Udhampur, Rajouri, Kathua and Jammu.

We will update this Page, when JKSSB will declare the next Or remaining Teacher Selection Lists of pending Districts 

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If you have any Question, regarding the declaration of Teacher Lists, you can either Post your Comments in the Comments box below, Or you can Email us at

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