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PM Modi Promised Bumper Jobs for New J&K UT (40000 New Jobs in Next 2 years)

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Big Announcement : Job Bonanza for J&K Youth. Govt to fill posts soon, 40000+ Jobs expected in coming 2 years.

Coming 31st Oct, 2019, J&K will no longer be the State of India, rather there will be Union Territory J&K and Union Territory Ladakh. Yes, on 7th August, 2019, President of India has given assent to the Jammu and Kashmir Reorganization Bill 2019, paving the way for Bifurcation of J&K. It was 5th August, 2019, when Home Minister of India Shri Amit Shah ji, tabled the Jammu and Kashmir Reorganization Bill, 2019 in Rajya Sabha. The same was passed the Rajya Sabha on 5th August and by lok sabha on 6th August, 2019 and will singing of President of India, it becomes law and will come into effect on 31st Oct, 2019.

 This is very Big Development in the History of Jammu and Kashmir. Some people are in the favour of this Bill, while some have resentment over this. Here we will not discuss the Merits/ Demerits of the Bill.

We will only discuss what it has in store for the Unemployed Job Seekers of J&K.

J&K is already going through a Dry spell of Recruitment in Govt Sector. From 2018 onwards, not many jobs have been announced by the State Government, this is a matter of concern, as with every passing day, Unemployment is growing.

The Big Question,that everyone is asking,

1) Whether this Bill will Bring Jobs or not,
2) Whether the Corruption / Nepotism will come to end or not
3) Shall the Recruitment Process be Fast-Tracked etc.
4) Whether JKSSB gets dissolved. etc.

In this post, you will get Answers to these Queries and Most Importantly, you will get to Know the Employment Opportunities to be created in the UT's of J&K and Ladakh. Moreover, we will also discuss the Some Importants Points of PM Modi address to Nation on 8th august, 2019, where Prime Minister Modi, made special reference for "Bonanza for Jobless youth of J&K".

PM Modi announced Job Bonanza for Unemployed youth

(Daily Excelsior Dated : 9th August, 2019)

Soon after the passing of Jammu and Kashmir, Reorganization Bill, 2019, PM Modi, addressed the Nation on 8th August, 2019. The 40 minute address has special mention for youth of Jammu and Kashmir.

"Friends, an exercise to fill all vacant Central and State Government posts in Jammu and Kashmir, and Ladakh will begin very soon It will give local youths adequate employment opportunities," he said.

If you look at the above statement clearly, then you will find that PM Modi, mentions posts both in Central as well as State Govt Jobs. So, Bumper hiring is expected in 2019-20. Though the Advertisement of these posts may take some time, but these will surely be announced in the next 6 months.

Apart from this Prime Minister Modi requests Governor Satya Pal Malik to constitute the Block Development Councils for Empowering the panchayats in J&K. 

Will JKSSB Gets Dissolved ?

When the Bill was passed by Lok Sabha on 6th August, 2019, that various organizations and Recruitment agencies may get defunct or dissolved. But the Good news is that this is not going to happen as far as JKPSC and JKSSB are concerned. 

1) For Gazetted Posts in J&K Union Territory, PSC shall continue to be recruitment agency

2) For Non-Gazetted posts in J&K UT, JKSSB continue to be the recruitment agency

3) However for Union Territory Ladakh, Recruitments will be done by UPSC.

So, all those who are preparing for JKSSB Exams and JKPSC Exams, should continue with their preparation, as Nothing about these Recruitment agencies is going to change. 

Moreover under the New Administration, there is a possibility that Recruitment process will be Fast Tracked. 

Here is the Screenshot of Text taken from Daily Excelsior Dated: 8th August, 2019. (Page-4)

What About 2000 Panchayat Accounts Assistant Posts ?

Soon after the passing of J&K Reorganization Act, 2019, there were rumours that Advertisement of 2000 Accounts Assistant posts might be cancelled, as the New Administration will dissolve these posts.

Good news is that J&K will continue to be State till 31st Oct, 2019 and only after that it will attain the status of a UT. 

So, it is expected that JKSSB will soon announce the Accounts Assistant posts. The Date will however be confirmed, only after the Directorate of Accounts and Treasuries refer these posts to jkssb.

So, all those, who are preparing for JKSSB Accounts Assistant Recruitment 2019, should continue with their Preparation, as JKSSB will soon announce the posts. Though some changes will be made to the Syllabus of JKSSB Accounts Assistant, but these will be minor. 

Example : The Topic "Constitution of J&K" is likely to be removed from the Accounts Assistant, as the J&K Constitution,1957 itself, no longer exists with the passing of J&K Reorganization Bill 2019. 

The Best Strategy as of Now is to Leave the " J&K GK" Section , while preparing the other sections of the Syllabus. 

How many Jobs will be announced in 2019-20?

On his address to Nation on 8th August, 2019, Prime Minister Modi, made special mention for creating Job opportunities for youth of J&K. Modi assured that all the vacant posts in the State and Central Govt Departments will be filled soon. 

It is expected that 40,000 Fresh Jobs will be announced for the UT of J&K. 

It comprises of....

i) 15000 Govt Jobs in State and Central Govt Departments

ii) 25000 Jobs in Public Sector Undertakings (PSU's) , Corporations and Private companies.

So gear up for Bumper Recruitment in J&K in 2019-20.


If you have any Queries, related to the Recruitment in J&K, UT, you can ask us in the comments section below

Once, there is any vacancy notified in J&K , we will immediately upload the same on  our website and Facebook page. 
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