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Full Solved JKSSB 17th Sept Graduate Level Question Paper (With Answer Key)


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Looking for JKSSB Re-test Question Paper? Here is the Fully Solved JKSSB Question Paper of 17th Sept, 2017

On 17th September 2017, JKSSB had successfully conducted the Re test of Graduate Level Exam conducted by a One Center in Doda District, in which over 400+ candidates were expected to appear. The exam was conducted peacefully.

It is pertinent to mention here, that JKSSB had conducted the same Exam on 27th April 2017, however, due to some mismanagement the exam could not be held in One of the Centres in Doda District, after which some students have approached the High Court, and thereafter Court directed the SSB to conduct the Exam for the said center and making sure that Standard of the Question Paper to be set in such a way that it did not favour one particular group of aspirants

Now after the Exam was over yesterday, students took to social media to express their comments regarding the Standard of the Questions.

If, you too have appeared in the 27th April, JKSSB Exam, then you should also go through the Pattern of Questions asked in Restest of Graduate Level Exam held on 17th Sept 2017 and For that, we are have uploaded the Fully Solved JKSSB Questions Paper of 17th Sept 2017

JKSSB 17th Sept 2017 Question Paper

1) Fill in the Blanks with the Correct Option?

The Park is a No Smoking Zone. You_______ Smoke here.

(A) may
(B) neednot
(C) must
(D) mustn't

Ans: D
2) Rearrange the Jumbled words to form a new sentence


(A) The boy the fruit seller got red apples
(B) Red apples got the boy from the fruit seller
(C) The Boy got the red apples from the fruit seller
(D) The Fruit seller from the boy got red apples

Ans: The Boy got the red apples from the fruit seller 

3) Read the passage and fill in the blanks with the correct phrase, pronoun, homonym given in the bracket

We Scored as many runs as _________ but they ultimately won the match by scoring on a Tie Braker

(A) They
(B) Them
(C) Him
(D) Her

Ans: They

4)  Fill in the Blanks with the Correct form of the verb given in the brackets?

Princess _______ the Prime Minister after the meeting

(A) Meeting
(B) Mets
(C) Meet
(D) Meets

Ans: Mets

5) Fill in the Blanks with the Correct form of the verb

Legislation________ approval by both houses of parliament

(A) Require
(B) Requiring
(C) Requires
(D) was requiring

Ans: Requires

6) Choose the Correct Synonym of the word Fake?

(A) Genuine
(B) Authentic
(C) Fraudulent
(D) Credible

Ans Fradulent

7) Choose the Correct Synonym of the word "Dilute"?

(A) Adulterate
(B) Concentrate
(C) Mitigate
(D) Attenuate

Ans Concentrate

8) Fill in the Blanks with a Correct option?

There is a Big Park _________ his house?

(A) on account of
(B) because of
(C) in front of
(D) in spite of

Ans: in front of
9) A Question on Passage

10) Reading Good Literature _________ enrich all our lives

(A) Ought
(B) Need
(C) Needs
(D) Can

Ans: Can

11) Fill in the Blanks with the Correct form of Verb given in the Brackets

They _________ all night in the party (Dance)

(A) Dancing
(B) Dances
(C) Danced
(D) Dance

Ans: Danced

12) Choose the Correct idiom that describes the underlined part of the Sentence?

The speaker suddenly stopped in the middle of the speech and started crying

(A) Broke into
(B) Broken with
(C) Broke down
(D) Broke Off

Ans: Broke Down

13) Choose the Option, which will correctly fill the Blanks

John Keats was a great ___________ who wrote wonderful poetry, while Lata Mangeshkar is a great _______ who can sing in thirteen different languages

(A) artist, artisan
(B) artiste, artistic
(C) artist, artisle
(D) artist, art

Ans: artist, artisle

14) Choose the option in which the given pair of words (accept, except) are used correctly

(A) Except this shop, all other shops accept Credit cards
(B) He excepts the generous nature of the Organization, but does not accept the Domination of some of its members
(C) They accept me as their mentor, but i don't expect them
(D) She accepts Roja's friendship but does not except her arrogance.

Ans: Except this shop, all other shops accept Credit cards 15) Fill in the Blanks with the Correct option

European Union Passed ______ Law Against the Immigrants

(A) The
(B) An
(C) No Article Required
(D) A

Ans: The

16) Rearrange the Jumbled words to form a meaningful sentence

Ann/went/ Sunday/And/ Marrie/ to/ Church/on

(A) Ann went on Sunday to Marries and Church
(B) Ann Went on Sunday to Church and Marries
(C) Ann and Marrie went to church on Sunday
(D) Ann and Marries went on Sunday to Church

Ans:Ann and Marrie Went to Church on Sunday
17) Fill in the Blanks with the Correct Option

Aditi is _______ smart student

(A) an
(B) the
(C) a
(D) No article required

Ans: a

18) Fill in the Blanks with the Correct Option

The athlete died ______ Fatigue

(A) with
(B) off
(C) for
(D) from

Ans: From

19) Fill in the Blanks with Correct option

Meena Behaved __________________

(A) Because she was a born actress
(B) for being a born actress
(C) as though she was a born actress
(D) When she was a born actress

Ans: as through she was a born actress

20) Choose the correct Synonym of the given word :  Sparkle

(A) Glitter
(B) Fresh
(C) Drabness
(D) Dull

Ans: Glitter

21) On a Round dining table, there are Six Chairs, Amika, Iriana and Suvarcha are enemies, and will not sit adjacent to each other. In how many ways, these three can sit on chairs?

(A) 0
(B) 1
(C) 2
(D) 6

Ans: 2

22) What should be the next term in this sequence?

0, 4, 18, 48, 100, _________?

(A) 210
(B) 175
(C) 192
(D) 180

Ans: 180
23) Manu started from his home and went towards west direction, for 50 Km. Then he turned towards North East and covered 50 Km, then he turned towards east and covered 50 Km again. How far is he from the starting point?

(A) 50 Km
(B)  100 Km
(C)  0 Km
(D) 10 Km

Ans: 50 Km 24) In a room filled with 7 people, 4 people have exactly 1 sibling in the room, and 3 people have exactly, 2 siblings in the room. If two individuals are selected from the room at random, what is the probability that those two are not siblings

(A) 16/21
(B) 5/21
(C) 3/7
(D) 5/7

Ans: 16/21

25) The negation of the statement "Every Natural Number is greater than Zero" is

(A) Every Natural No is greater than Or Equal to Zero
(B) Every Natural No. is less than Zero
(C) There exists a natural No. which is not greater than zero
(D) Every natural No. is not greater than zero

Ans: There exists a Natural No. which is not greater than Zero

26) The contrapositive of the statement, If A= 10, then A (Square) = 100

(A) IF A=10, then A(Square) = 100
(B) If A (Cube) = 100, then A=10
(C) If A (Square) = 100, then A=10
(D)  IF A=10, then A(Cube) = 100

Ans: If A (Cube) = 100, then A=10

27) A Question on Statement and Conclusions

28) Find the missing term in the given sequence

ACE, EGI, IKM, _____, QSU



29) Kiran and Purohit start moving from the same point towards North and East Directions, respectively. The ratio of speeds of Kiran and Purohit is 3:4. What will be the least distance between them, If purohit, has covered 12 Km after an hour

(A) 10 Km
(B) 12  Km
(C) 15 Km
(D) 20 Km

Ans 15Km

30) The Grandfather of Nikhil and Ginny are same. But their fathers are different. What could be the relation between Nikhil and Ginny?

(A) Siblings
(B) Uncle and Nephew
(C) Father and Son
(D) Cousins

Ans Cousins

31) Richa is the Child of the husband of my mother's sister. Also, Richa is the sister of pulkit. What is the relation of Richa with me?

(A) Cousin
(B) Daughter
(C) Sister
(D) Mother

Ans Cousin

32) In a certain language, if Notary is coded as OPUBSZ and Rivers is coded as SJWFST, then what would be the code of SEVENTEENTH?



33) Which pair of statements, give below help us conclude that "Every Dish is a Sweet"?

(A) No Dish is a fruit, No Fruit is a sweet
(B) Some Dishes are fruits. No fruit is a sweet
(C) Every Dish is a Fruit. Every Fruit is a sweet
(D) No dishes are fruits. Some fruits are sweets.

Ans Every Dish is a Fruit. Every Fruit is a sweet

34) Find the missing term in the given sequence?

PXTR, RZVT, TBXV, _________ XFBZ



35) Dilshan is facing towards North East direction. He takes a left turn three times, Again he takes, left turn for Thirty-Five times. In which direction, will he be facing now?

(A) South
(B) North West
(C) South West
(D) East

Ans South West

36) What would be the velocity of current, if a man can row 23 Kms in upstream, and 43 kms in downstream, in 5 hours in each case.

(A) 2 Km/hr
(B) 3 Km/hr
(C) 4 Km/hr
(D) 5 Km/hr

Ans 2 Km/hr 

37) Which pair of statements, can possibly be true simultaneously?

(A) I am not Jaspreet
(B) I am Jaspreet
(C) Jaspreet is my father's only child

(A) A and B only
(B) B and C only
(C) A and C only
(D) A, B and C

Ans B and C only

38) I am a two digit number divisible by three. If you take my square, you will get a three digit number, that is not a palindrome, If you reverse the digits of three digit Number, you will get another perfect square. What is the value of my cube?

(A) 1728
(B) 13824
(C) 3375
(D) 5832

Ans 1728

39) A Question on mathematical Algebra

40) A Question on Direction sense


42) A Question on Coding-Decoding

43) A Question on Direction sense

44) Farid and Farhan are standing at a distance of 5 Km, such that Farhan is towards east of Farid. Farid starts moving in North East direction, and Farhan starts moving in another direction, at same speed. They meet after some time at a point. Which among the following directions is Farhan moving to meet Farid?

(A) North West
(B) North East
(C) South East
(D) South

Ans North West

45) What should be the next term in this sequence?

5832, 9261, 13824, 19683

(A) 21045
(B) 27000
(C) 24000
(D) 22451

Ans 27000

46) Which of the following tools can help automate complex or time-consuming manual task?

(A) Merge
(B) Micro
(C) Macro
(D) Mailing

Ans Macro

47) Which of the following means changing to newer usually more powerful or sophisticated version?

(A) Expansion
(B) Uploading
(C) Updating
(D) Upgrading

Ans Upgrading

48) Match the following based on the Operating System Activities

(A) a-v, b-iii, c-iv
(B) a-i, b-ii, c-iii
(C) a-v, b-iv, c-iii
(D) a-ii, b-v, c-i

Ans a-v, b-iii, c-iv

49) What is the unit of speed in laser Printers?

Ans Pages Per Minute

50) Which type of Device, convert, digital signals into form that is intelligible to the user?

Ans Output Devices

51) In which execution environment, the OS decides as to which process, gets the processor, when and for how much time?

Ans Multi-Programming

52) Which is used for Computer Aided Design (CAD), for the design of buildings, automotive designs, and designing of maps?

Ans Digitizing Tablet

53) What is the formal name for the latest version of MS Office ie MS Office 2013?

Ans Office 15

54) The Control Unit and Arithmetic Logic Unit of the Computer system are commonly called as?

Ans Central Processing Unit

55) Which one the following is not a valid state of a thread?

(A) Running
(B) Parsing
(C) Ready
(D) Blocked

Ans Parsing

56) What Does EPROM stand for?

Ans Erasable Programmable Read only Memory

57) What do you mean by DHTML?

Ans Dynamic Hyper Text Markup Language

58) Which type of Software's Source code is freely available and can be customized and altered with in the specified guidelines?

Ans Open Source Software

59) MODEM is?

Ans Modulator and De-Modulator

60) Which feature of MS-Excel allows you to separate the contents of one excel cell into seperate columns

Ans Data -> Text to Columns

61) Which is used to permanently store the data, the program and the output?

Ans Secondary Memory

62) Which Device converts Digital Signals into Analog Singal to transmit over telephone lines?

Ans Modem

63) Which device is used to print very large drawings or complex line art by mechanical movement of a pen or other instrument across the sheet of a paper?

Ans Plotter

64) Which memory storage medium temporary stores instructions and data that the processor is likely to use frequently?

Ans Cache

65) What does DOS stand for?

Ans Disk Operating System

66) Which is usually referred as Random Access Memory (RAM)

Ans Primary Memory

67) In MS-Excel 2007, where, we can find the Combo Box?

Ans Developer->Controls->Insert->Form Controls

68) Which provides the basic functions, that are controlled by the computer

Ans System Software

69) Which is the Interleaved execution of two or more processes by Single CPU Computer Software?

Ans Multi Programming

70) Which of the following Free Radicals, catalyses the conversion of Ozone to Oxygen?

Ans CI 

71) Hypocobalaminemia: Vitamin B12  :: Pellagra: ?

Ans Vitamin B-3

72) A  Question on Chemical Reactions

73) A Question on Velocity?

74) Deficiency of Vitamin A impairs the formation of which chemical causing Night Blindness?


75) The isotope of Iodine, which is used for the treatment of goitre is?

Ans I-131

76) Which of the following is an Isotropic Solid?

(A) NaCl
(B) Quartz
(C) AgBr
(D) Glass

Ans Glass

77) Which is not a protein Digesting Enzyme?

Ans Lipase

78) A Question on Wave Lenght

79) In Troposphere, name the phenomenon that results in a decrease in Temperature, due to increase in altitude?

Ans Environmental Lapse Rate

80) The straight line motion in the absence of the constraining force, is an example of  which Newton's law of motion?

Ans First

81) Which metal is best used for interconnection of cells in a Solar Panel?

Ans Silver

82) Which of the following Vehicles, offres the Largest Inertia?

(A) Cycle
(B) Scooter
(C) Motor Bike
(D) Car

Ans Car

83) The states which comprise for about 50% of the total estimated potential for Biomass in India are

Ans Rajasthan, Haryana, Maharashtra and Punjab

84) What is the mass of an Electron?

Ans 9.109 * 10 Kg

85) 10 Resistors, each of resistance 2 Ohm are first connected in series and then in parallel. What is the ratio of the total effective resistance of the circuit in series to the parallel combination?

Ans 100:1

86) Which ecosystem is an example of an inverted pyramid of number?

Ans Tree

87) A compound of Mn has a magnetic moment of 5.92 BM. In which Oxidation state, does it exist in this compound?

Ans Mn(II)

88) The volume of given mass of gas is inversely proportional to its pressure at constant temperature. Which Law supports this statement?

Ans Boyle's Law

89) A student spilled a bottle of Ammonia in the Laboratory. Soon the Laboratory got filled with an irritating Pungent smell. The students immediately opened the doors and windows, thereafter students got relief.

Which phenomenon is responsible for the given observation?

Ans Diffusion

90) The sound strikes the water's surface and moves into the water, which is the parameter that does not change?

Ans Its Frequency

91) Which of the following is NOT involved in the transportation of water in plants?

(A) Transpiration pull
(B) Root hair cells
(C) Osmosis
(D) Translocation

Ans: Translocation

92) Which of the following conditions resultant force, acting on the body will be ZERO?

(A) If the body rotates
(B) If the Body Doesn't rotate
(C) If the body rotates with uniform acceleration
(D) If the body rotates with uniform Deceleration

Ans If the Body Doesn't rotate

93) Which of the following statements is NOT Correct about the Energy flow in the Ecosystem?

(A) Flow of Energy in Ecosystem takes place through food chain
(B) Energy flow in a food chain is Unidirectional
(C) Some energy is always lost, whenever there is transfer of energy from One level to another
(D) Energy is recycled and reused in the food chain

Ans Energy is recycled and reused in food chain

94) Which wave is an example of Longitudinal waves?

Ans Primary Earth Quake waves

95) Where are toxicity causing Vitamins stored?

Ans Liver

96) The First Nuclear Power Plant in India was Constructed at which place?

Ans Tarapur

97) Indira Sagar Dam Located in Madhya Pradesh, is built on which river?

Ans Narmada

98) Which of the following situations depict a democratic setup?

(A) Pro Coup Soldiers took military leadership hostage briefly seizing control over parts of Turkish Armed forces.
(B) In China, always the communist party, only wins the elections and forms the Government
(C) In Burma Aung San Suu Ki was placed under house arrest for a period of 15 years
(D) The African National Congress of South Africa drew up a constitution, which gave most extensive rights to its citizens

Ans  The African National Congress of South Africa drew up a constitution, which gave most extensive rights to its citizens

99) Which of these Novels is written by Ernest Hemingway?

(A) The old Ace in the hole

(B) The custom of the country
(C) Something happened
(D) A Farewell to Arms

Ans A Farewell to Arms

100) In the year 1940, which viceroy, came with the proposals, for Constitutional reforms in India, known as "August Offer"?

Ans Lord Linlithgow

101) Who was the Last Governor-General of Free India?

Ans C. Rajagopalachari

102) Which Irrigation Canal in India runs through Thar Dessert?

Ans Indira Gandhi Canal

103) Rufiyaa is the currency of which country?

Ans Maldives

104) First Country to win the Fifa U 17 World Cup for the Fifth time held at Chile in 2015?

Ans Nigeria

105) Who shared the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine 2015 with two other scientists for discoveries concerning a Novel therapy against Malaria?

Ans YouYou Tu

106)  The form of Power Structure in which power effectively rests with a small number of people called as

Ans Oligarchy

107) On Which Date, UN General Assembly, amended Article 23 of the UN Charter to increase the number of members in the Security Council from 11 to 15?

Ans 17th Dec, 1963





112) Which among the following is not a newspaper published in India?

(A) Mumbai Samachar
(B) The Times of India
(C) Samachar Darpan
(D) Bengal Gazette

Ans Bengal Gazette

113) Melanin is a natural pigment present in the Living Organisms, that protects the skin from 

Ans:  Ultraviolet Radiations

114) Who was the First Indian to Receive the Oscar Award?

Ans Bhanu Athaiya

115) Which of the following is the correct reason for Cripps Mission in India

(A) To increase the involvement of Indians, in the governance of British India
(B) To Secure Full Cooperation and Support from India in World WarII
(C) To Investigate about the Jallianwala Bagh Massacre
(D) To Enquire into the working of Monatagu Chelmsford Reforms

Ans To Secure Full Cooperation and Support from India in World War II

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