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Fully Solved JKSSB 27th April Graduate Level Question Paper


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Appeared in the JKSSB 27th April 2017 Exam. Here is the Fully Solved JKSSB Question Paper along with Answer Keys

On 27th April, 2017, JKSSB had successfully conducted the Most awaited Graduate Level exam that has been postponed twice and same was cancelled on 25th Dec, 2015. It is expected that more than 50000 candidates have appeared in the JKSSB's Question Paper. It is expected that JKSSB will soon release the Answer Keys for this exam on 28th April, 2017.

 Here on this page, we are providing the Fully Solved JKSSB Paper, so that you can check your answers. For complete Set wise Answer Keys, you should read this post on JKSSB Answer Keys

In most of the centers in J&K exam went peacefully, but in a few centers in Bhaderwah, there was mismanagement by JKSSB that again reminded the scenes of 25th Dec, 2015, when the incident of mass copying was reported and eventually, JKSSB had to cancel the exam. Today, also the pictures, showing students with OMR sheets and Question Paper in the open went viral on Social media.  

Now the Question is Will cancel the exam of that particular center OR they will cancel the exam of All the centres. However, this time it is expected that JKSSB will go for partial cancellation only and Make sure that All the candidates Don't suffer.

Meanwhile, you can check your Answers from this Fully Solved JKSSB 27th April April and calculate your Marks. 

JKSSB 27th April Question Paper : Fully Solved 

1) Fill in the blank with the correct option.

The company ______ to invest in a modem computer system.

A) needs
B) must
C) might
D) could

Ans Needs

2) How many numbers less than 100 have sum of their digits completely divisible by 9?

A) 9
B) 10
C) 11
D) 12

Ans  11

3) Which of the following describes switching and giving multiple programs a certain timeframe to execute?

A) Program management
B) Multitasking
C) Thrashing
D) Fragmentation

Ans Multitasking

4) Which of the following is known as the lower house in the Indian Democratic setup?

A) Vidhan Sabha
B) Vidhan Parishad
C) Rajya Sabha
D) Lok Sabha

Ans Lok Sabha

5) Which of the following is FALSE with respect to the ASEAN?

A) Leaders have signed a declaration for launching ASEAN Economic Community (AEC)
B) Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, Philippines and Thailand are the founder countries of ASEAN
C) ASEAN came into existence after the Bangkok Declaration
D) 27th Summit was held in India

Ans 27th Summit was held in India

6) Choose the correct Synonym of the underlined word: 

The grass is still Damp

A) dry
B) wet
C) cool
D) soft

Ans Wet

7) Fill in the blanks with the correct option.

They have Shown ___ interest in bidding for___ company.

A) an ; an
B) an ; No Article
C) a  ; an
D) an ; the

Ans an ; the

8) Fill in the blanks with the correct option

Penguins are _______ Flightless Birds

A) an
B) a
C) No Article
D) the

ANS No Article

9) In a certain language "STORM" is coded as "NSPUT".

How is "RAIN" coded in that language?



10) The life process which converts chemical energy into heat energy is

A) Nutrition
B) Respiration
C) Excretion
D) Transpiration

Ans Respiration

11) Sum of the digits of a number when subtracted from that number gives 27 as the answer. How many such numbers are possible?

A) 1
B) 8
C) 9
D) 10

Ans 10

12) According to the Forbes list 2015 who is the highest paid sportsman?

A) Manny Pacquiao
B) Floyd Mayweather
C) Cristiano Ronaldo
D) Roger Federer

Ans Floyd Mayweather

13) Which of the following nations is the latest entrant to SAARC?

A) Sri Lanka
B) Maldives
C) Bhutan
D) Afghanistan

Ans Afghanistan

14) Which of the following is a water soluble vitamin?

A) Vitamin B
B) Vitamin A
C) Vitamin D
D) Vitamin K

Ans Vitamin B

15) Which of the following is a unidirectional bus?

A) Data bus
B) Control bus
C) Address bus
D) Processor bus

Ans Address Bus

16) Who is the first person in the field of sports to be awarded the Bharat Ratna Award?

A) Sachin Tendulkar
B) Viswanathan Anand
C) Prakash Padukone
D) Aparna Ghosh

Ans Sachin Tendulkar

17) Choose the correct Synonym of the underlined word:

The debate seems to have lost much of its initial impetus.

A) focus
B) stimulus
C) sheen
D) power

Ans Stimulus

18) In grassland/tree ecosystem, Pyramid of number is

A) Always inverted
B) Always upright
C) Inverted and upright
D) Spindled shape

Ans Inverted and Upright

19) Pointing to a photograph, Nalini Said "the person in the photograph is the only son of my father's brother". How is the person related to Nalini?

A) Cousin
B) Brother
C) Uncle
D) Father

Ans Cousin

20) Formation of hole in Ozone is maximum over

A) India
B) Antarctica
C) Europe
D) Africa

Ans Antarctica

21) Which kind of fill would you use for the slide for a smooth transition of one colour into another?

A) Pattern fill
B) Gradient fill
C) Transition fill
D) Solid fill

Ans Gradient Fill

22) Who amongst those mentioned below is known for being the 29th Indian Chief Justice?

A) Omar Abdullah
B) Adarsh Sein Anand
C) Ayaz Mughal
D) Maharaja Ranjit Singh

Ans A S Anand

23) In how many directions the joystick can be moved ?

A) 2
B) 3
C) 4
D) 1

Ans 4

24) Who among the following was arrested at Domail by J&K State police in 1946?

A) Jinnah
B) Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru
C) Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel
D) Sheikh Mohd Abdullah

Ans Pt. Jawahar Lal Nehru

25) In a windmill the power generated

A) Is more in rainy season since damp air would mean more air mass hitting the blades
B) Can be increased by planting tall trees close to the tower
C) Depends on the height of the tower
D) Depends on wind velocity

Ans Depends on wind velocity
26) The movie "Mad Max: Fury Road" won how many Oscars in the 88th Academy Awards - Oscars 2016?

A) 2
B) 4
C) 6
D) 8

Ans 6
                                                                           —       -
27) What is the default alignment of numbers and text in excel?

A) Both to the left
B) Both to the right
C) Number to left and text to right
D) Number to right and text to left
Ans Number to right and text to left
28) Fill in the blank with the correct option.

Kodak still ________monochrome film.

A) produced
B) have produced
C) produces
D) is producing

Ans produces

29) A hanging balloon blown up with air becomes smaller when the air in a room becomes cooler because the molecules of air

A) Move slower
B) Become bigger
C) Move faster
D) Become smaller

Ans Move slower

30) Niacin is the name of

A) Vitamin B2
B) Vitamin B4
C) Vitamin B5
D) Vitamin B3

Ans Vitamin B3

31) Operating system- acts as an interface between

A) Hardware and software
B) RAM and CPU
C) Input and output devices
D) Motherboard and display

Ans Hardware and Software

32) How many sectors have been identified under the "Make in India" programme launched by Government of India?

A) 25
B) 32
C) 45
D) 51

Ans 25 Sectors

33) In a certain Language "TRUST" is coded as "SQTRS". How is "DUST" coded in that language?



34) Which of the following cell format should be used for exponential data?

A) Fraction
B) Special
C) Scientific
D) Custom

Ans Fraction

35) Who is the winner of the 51st Jnanpith award (2015)?

A) Bhalchandra Nemade
B) Raghuveer Chaudhary
C) Kedarnath Singh
D) Ravuri Bharadwaja

Ans Raghuveer Chaudhary

36) Directions to answer the question:

The question has two statements followed by two conclusions numbered (i) and (ii). You have to take the given two statements to be true even if they seem to be at variance from commonly known facts. Read the conclusion and then decide which of the given conclusions logically follows from the given two statements, disregarding commonly known facts.


All Doctors are intelligent.
No Engineer is intelligent.


(i) No Doctor is Engineer.
(ii) All Doctors are Engineers.

A) Only (i) follows
B) Only (ii) follows
C) Either (i) or (ii) follows
D) Both (i) and (ii) follow

Ans Only (i) follows

37) Which is the highest green golf course in the world, at an altitude of 2,650 m, and is the country's premier ski resort in the winter?

A) Gaurimarg
B) Laddhak
C) Pahalgam
D) Baisaran

Ans Gaurimarg

38) Find the missing letter of the series L, N, Q, ?, Z

A) U
B) V
C) W 
D) X

Ans U

39) Which of the following characteristic of operating system is also called as I/O controller?

A) Device management
B) Processor management
C) Memory management
D) File management

Ans Device Management 

40) Find the missing term of the series 7, 23, 55, ?, 191

A) 101
B) 109
C) 119
D) 123

Ans 119. 

41) Which of these is a WRONG match?

A) Aristocracy - Rule by an individual Aristocrat
B) Theocracy - Deity is recognized as the supreme civil ruler
C) Democracy - Rule by the people
D) Monarchy - Rule by a king or queen

Ans Aristocracy

42) Which of the following port is called as "printer port"?

A) Serial port
B) Parallel port
C) PS/2 port
D) VGA port

Ans Parallel Port

43) Who won the European Golden Shoe in 2015?

A) Lionel Messi
B) Sergio Aguero
C) Cristiano Ronaldo
D) Jonathan Soriano

Ans Ronaldo

44) Fill in the Wank with a suitable clause:

______, it will be million pounds' worth of investment down the drain.

A) The factory closes so that
B) That the factory closes
C) If the factory closes
D) Though the factory closes

Ans If the factory closes

45) What is considered as the heart of the operating system, which provides the basic foundation, memory management file systems, program execution?

B) paging
C) Kernel
D) Shell

Ans Kernel

46) Which of the following service is used to log on to remote computer that is attached to internet?

A) Telnet

Ans Telnet

47) Who was appointed as the Emergency Administrator for the State on 30 October 1947 by Maharaja Hari Singh?

A) Jinnah
B) Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru
C) Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel
D) Sheikh Mohd Abdullah

Ans Sheikh Mohd Abdullah

48) Government of India has launched "Soil Health Card" scheme for every farmer, which of the following is FALSE in this regard?

A) The card will carry crop wise recommendations of nutrients/fertilizers required for the individual farms
B) The card will carry information on the previous 2 year's actual crop yields from the individual farms
C) The card will display soil health indicators and associated descriptive terms
D) The card will be used to assess the current status of soil health

Ans  The card will carry information on the previous 2 year's actual crop yields from the individual farms

49) Which is the oldest mountain range in India?

A) Aravallis
B) Karakoram
C) Sahyadris
D) Himalayas

Ans Aravallis

50) What will be the amount of electricity consumed if a 100Watts Bulb is left switched ON for 10 hours?

A) 0.1 kWh
B) 10 Watts
C) 100 Watts
D) 1kWh

Ans 0.1 KWh

51) Which of the following defines a sequence of instructions written to solve a problem?

A) Software
B) Hardware
C) Program
D) Process

Ans Program

52) Arjun rides his bike from Mumbai to Delhi at a speed of 80 Km/hr and rides back from Delhi to Mumbai at a speed of 120 Km/hr. What is his average speed for the whole journey?

A) 95 Km/hr 
B) 96 Km/hr
C) 100 Km/hr
D) 110 Km/hr

Ans 96 Km/Hr

53) If the sum of three positive numbers is 30. What can be the maximum value of the product of those three numbers?

A) 750
B) 990 

54) Which of the following motions is used in windmill to turn the turbine of the electric generator to generate electricity?

A) Rotatory motion
B) Linear motion
C) Vertical motion
D) Circular motion

55) There is always an exodus ______the coast______ holiday times.

A) of; in
B) to; off
C) to; during
D) off; in

56) Fill in the blank with the correct option.

She __________speak three languages.

A) shall
B) can
C) ought
D) need

Ans Can

57) If the K, L and M shells of an atom are full. The atomic number of the element is

A) 10
B) 12
C) 18
D) 20

58) A man is facing south. He turns 45 degrees in the clockwise direction and then 180 degrees in the anticlockwise direction. Finally, he turns 90 degrees in
the clockwise direction. What direction is he facing now?

A) South
B) South-East
C) South-West
D) North

59) Track ball is a device generally used in place of

A) Monitor
B) Printer
C) Scanner
D) Mouse

Ans Mouse

60) For the removal of gaseous pollutants, which of the following devices is suitable

A) Wet scrubber
B) Cyclone separator
C) Electrostatic precipitator
D) Fabric Filter


61) Who assailed the Omar Abduallah Led Government making the State Information Commission(SIC) a toothless body?

A) The Chief Interviewing Committee(CIC
B) The Central Information Commission(CIC)
C) The Chief Information Committee (CIC)
D) The Chief Information Commission (CIC)

Ans The Central Information Commission(CIC) 

62) Which of the following is magnetic and Optical memory?

A) Secondary memory
B) Primary memory
C) Cache memory


63) The Peninsular Plateau of India belonged to which of the following land masses?

A) Angara Land
B) Gondwana Land
C) Eurasian Plate
D) Pangaea Land


64) Ganesh was facing South East Direction. He turned 90 Degrees in the clockwise direction and then immediately turned 45 Degrees in the anticlockwise direction. which direction is he facing now?

A) North
B) South
C) East
D) West

65) What should come in the place of the question mark?

A) 720
B) 980
C) 960 

66) Which of the following is the last book of Dr. A. P. J. Abdul Kalam" which was co-authored by Mr. Srijan Pal Singh?

A) Ignited Minds
B) Advantage India -From Challenge to Opportunity
C) Indomitable Spirit
D) Turning Points

Ans Advantage India -From Challenge to Opportunity 

67) Re-arrange the following sentences to form a logical paragraph:

(a)That could mean communicating with your bank about whether a recent transaction was fraudulent, or with an airline about a delayed flight.
(b)Popular messaging app WhatsApp said it will stop charging $1 per year subscription fee to go completely free for its users across the world.
(c)The company said starting this year it will test tools which will allow its users to communicate with businesses and organisations through its platform.
(d)lnterestingly, WhatsApp did not charge users for using the service in India, which is one of the biggest markets for the service.

A) adcb
B) abed
C) bacd
D) bdca

Ans bdca

68) Disease caused by eating fish inhabiting mercury contaminated water is

A) Bright's disease
B) Mina-mata disease
C) Hiroshima episode
D) Osteosclerosis

Ans Mina mata disease

69) Fill in the blank with the correct option.

She's very good _______ making friends and influencing people.

A) in
B) at
C) on 

Ans at

70) Which of the following stores instructions and data temporarily needed by ALU?

D) Register

Ans Register

71) Which is the capital of Syria?

A) Amman
B) Raqqa
C) Damascus
D) Beirut

Ans Damascus

72) Revathi is taller than Gayathri who is shorter than Malini. Geeta is taller than Revathi but shorter than Malini. Who is the shortest among the four?

A) Gayathri
B) Malini
C) Revathi
D) Geeta

Ans Gayathri

73) Read the paragraph and fill in the blanks with the correct options:

How can you provide discipline to_______ child so that he or she can function well at home and in public?_______ parent wants his child to be happy, respectful, respected by others, and be able to find a place in the world as a well-behaved adult______ wants to be accused of raising a spoiled brat

A) our, All, Somebody
B) your, All, Somebody
C) your, Every. Nobody
D) our, Every, Nobody -

Ans your, Every. Nobody 

74) Diseases Like Rickets. scurvy and beriberi are due to the deficiency of
A) Vitamins
B) Amino acids
C) Carbohydrates
D) Lipids

Ans Vitamins

75) BIOS stands for

A) Basic Input/Output system
B) Binary Input/Output system
Ci Basic Internal Operating system
D) Binary Internal Operating system

Ans Basic / Input Output system

76) Which of the following is Not a type of Inflation on the basis of speed?

A) Running Inflation
B) Scrolling Inflation
C) Galloping Inflation
D) Walking Inflation

Ans Scrolling Inflation

77) Kiran's mother's father's only daughter's husband is Shivraj. How is Shivraj related to Kiran?

A) Brother
B) Son
C) Father
D) Uncle

Ans Father

78) What is the total power generation capacity of Jammu and Kashmir under central and State sector?

A) 5,648.46 MW
B) 4,648.46 MW
C) 3,648.46 MW
D) 2,648.46 MW

Ans 2648.46 MW

79) Which of the following principal commodities have the highest share in value in India's exports during 2013-14? 

A) Petroleum: Crude and Products
B) Gems and Jewellery
C) Transport Equipments
D) Drugs, Pharmaceuticals and Fine Chemicals

80) Boundary of which two countries is called the Radcliffe Line?

A) India and Pakistan
B) India and Nepal
C) India and China
D) India and Afghanistan

Ans India and Pakistan

81) In an eco-system, the organisms which can produce their own food are called

A) Herbitrophs
B) Carnitroph
C) Autotrophs
D) Decomposers

Ans Autotrophs

82) Which one of the following rivers is a trans Himalayan River?
A) Dras
B) Indus
C) Jhelum
D) Astor

Ans Indus

83) Which of the following is/are the broad type/types of inflation on the basis of causes?

(i) Demand pull inflation
(ii) Hyperinflation
(iii) Cost push inflation

A) Only i
B) Only i and ii
C) Only i and iii
D) Only ii

Ans Only i and iii

84) Which place was believed to be the northern most limit of the historic Harappan Civilisation?

A) Burzahom
B) Akhnoor
C) Manda
D) Leh

Ans Manda

85) Which of the following does NOT drain into the Gulf of Khambhat?

A) Narmada
B) Tapti
C) Sabarmati
D) Luni

Ans Luni

86) Biological processes is used to purify water in a wastewater treatment plants, this stage is called

A) Primary sewage treatment
B) Secondary sewage treatment
C) Wastewater reduction
D) Biochemical reduction

Ans Secondary Sewage treatment

87) Which of the following input device is used to read printed text?

D) digitizer


88) Which of the following is the autobiography of Mr. Sharad Pawar?

A) My Country My Life
B) On My Terms: From the Grassroots to the Corridors of Power
C) India 2020: A Vision for the New Millennium
D) The Insider

Ans On My Terms: From the Grassroots to the Corridors of Power 

89) Who among the following has won a Gold medal in the 10 metre Air Pistol event in women's category at the 13th Asian Shooting Championships held in Kuwait?

A) Heena Sidhu
B) Jangmi Kim
C) Gundegma Otreyad
D) Malaika Goel

Ans Heena Sindhu

90) In which part of the plant does transpiration occur?

A) Phloem
B) Chloroplast
C) Root
D) Stomata

Ans Stomata

91) Which place is also called "the meadow of gold"?

A) Gaurimarg
B) Sonamarg
C) Pahalgam
D) Baisaran

Ans Sonamarg

92) Choose the correct Synonym of the underlined word:

She gave a ludicrous suggestion.

A) useful
B) nice
C) absurd
D) practical

Ans absurd

93) Seeta and Neeta have chocolates in the ratio 3:4. If Neeta gives two chocolates to Seeta, they will have equal number of chocolates. How many chocolates Seeta had

A) 12
B) 14
C) 16
D) 18

Ans 12
94) In the series given, how many numbers are followed by an odd number and preceded by an even number?

3 6 8 2 5 4 9 1 5 2 7 3 2 4

A) One
B) Two
C) Three
D) Four

Ans Three

95) Who has the powers to legislate Preventive Detention laws for Jammu and Kashmir state?

A) The Parliament
B) Union Legislature
C) State Legislature
D) Union Executive

Ans State Legislature

96) Where is the seven-storeyed building Dam-Dam constructed by the Mughas ?

A) Tosa Maidan
B) The Basmai Gali
C) Nilnag Lake
D) Sang-e safed valley

Ans  Tosa Maidan                                  

97) Fill in the blanks with the correct option.

The team members have different but_______skills that can___________the progress of the organization.

A) complementary, further
B) complimentary, farther
C) complimentary, further
D) complementary, farther

Ans B (complimentary, farther)

98) Which is the oldest newspaper of India still in circulation?

A) Dainik Jagran
B) The Mumbai Samachar
C) Dainik Agradoot
D) Malayala Manorama

Ans The Mumbai Samachar

99) The National Highway which connects the Kashmir valley to Jammu is

A) 1-A
B) 4-A
C) 6-A
D) 8-A

Ans 1-A

100) Who was the first woman jockey to win the Melbourne Cup 2015?

A) Julie Krone
B) Michelle Payne
C) Rosie Napravnik
D) Hayley Turner

Ans Michelle Payne

101) Sound waves are example of

A) Transverse waves
B) Longitudinal waves
C) Both transverse and longitudinal waves
D) Electromagnetic waves

Ans Longituadnal waves

102) Which of the following are attached to motherboard via ribbon cables?

A) Video cards
B) Sound cards
C) Floppy drive
D) Speakers

Ans Floppy Drive

103) Read the following paragraph and fill in the blank with the correct option:

Hwacheon Sancheoneo Ice Festival, one of Korea's most popular and wackiest winter festivals, is held every year for three weeks at Hwacheon, where the river's ice
reaches a solid 16 inches thick by January, ideal conditions for trout grabbing.

The river, surrounded by snow-covered mountains, is known as the first in Korea to ____________in winter.

A) freeze over
B) freeze by
C) freeze on
D) freeze upon

Ans Freeze over

104) Inertia means the tendency of an object to

A) Maintain its mass
B) Remain in motion
C) Remain in rest or motion
D) Stop the motion of other object

Ans Remain in rest or motion

105) Identify the correct meaning of the underlined idiom / phrase:

The message from management came through loud and clear.

A) in a loud voice
B) in a clear manner
C) in a composed way
D) in a delayed manner

Ans in a clear manner

106) In a circle when a body moves with a constant speed,

A) Its velocity is changing
B) Its acceleration is zero
C) Its velocity is uniform
D) Its acceleration is increasing


107) Re-arrange the following sentences to form a logical paragraph:

(a)The interface of Base is fairly simple and straightforward, making it a breeze to use.

(b)ln fact, it's pretty similar to the main Camera app, so it also feels natural but with bonus features.

(c)lf you've wanted to spruce up your photos before going into a photo ecfting app, then Base should help you out.

(d)Base is a replacement camera app that wants to give your photographs a new foundation.

A) bcda
B) dcab
C) bade
D) abed

Ans dcab

108) There were some cows and hens grazing in a field. Number of tegs were found to be 40 and number of heads were found to be 12. How many hens were there?

A) 2
B) 4 
C) 6 
D) 8

Ans 4

109) Fill in the blank with the correct option.

I always _______ the in-flight magazine.

A) has read
B) read
C) reading
D) had read

Ans read

110) What was the amount for which Maharaja Gulab Singh bought Kashmir's territories?

A) Rupees 75 Lakhs
B) Rupees 65 Lakhs
C) Rupees 57 Lakhs
D) Rupees 56 Lakhs

Ans Rupees 75 Lakhs

111) As per the RTI act 2009, the State Chief Information Commissioner and the State Information Commissioners shall be appointed by

A) Prime Minister
B) Governor of the State
C) President
D) Vice President

Ans Governor of State

112) Which of the following device serve as both input and output device?

A) Monitor
B) Joy stick
C) Modem
D) Scanner

Ans Modem 

113) The Asia Cup 2016 Twenty20 International (T20I) was held in which of the following countries?

A) Australia
B) South Africa
C) Bangladesh
D) England

Ans Bangaldesh

114) Who laid the foundation stone of Rs. 1,700 crores and 330km long Leh-Srnagar transmission line in Jammu and Kashmir?

A) Narendra Modi
B) Atal Bihari Vajpayee
C) Omar Abdullah
D) NN Vohra

Ans Narendra Modi

115) The Government of India under the new Foreign Trade Policy (2015-20) set an objective of increasing India's exports of goods and services to approximately how much by 2020?

A) $900 billion
B) $9000 billion
C) $90 billion
D) $90000 billion

Ans $ 900 Billion

116) Under Part XXI of the Constitution of India, which deals with "Temporary, Transitional and Special provisions", the State of Jammu and Kashmir has been accorded special status under which Article?

A) Article 370
B) Article 371
C) Article 372
D) Article 373

Ans Artcile 370
117) From when does the five year term of every Panchayat begin in India?

A) Day of the members are administered the oath
B) Day of the first meeting
C) Day of the first training imparted by the Chief Officer
D) Day of the declaration of the election results

Ans Day of the First meeting

118) Which of the following printer is also known as page printer?

A) Drum printer
B) Daisy wheel printer
C) Laser printer
D) Dot matrix printer

Ans Laser Printer

119) Rani runs at a speed of 5m/sec. How long can she run in 20 minutes?

A) 4 Kms
B) 6 Kms
C) 12 Kms
D) 18 Kms

Ans 6 Km

120) Which of the following is a large printed circuit board?

A) Motherboard

Ans Motherboard

121) Which of the following acids is a vitamin C?

A) Aspartic acid
B) Ascorbic acid
C) Adipic acid
D) Saccharic acid

Ans Ascorbic Acid

122) Which of the following storage contains user-defined data used by the setup program?

C) Auxiliary storage
D) CMOS storage


123) Which property of wave distinguishes between transverse and longitudinal waves?

A) Refraction
B) Interference
C) Diffraction
D) Polarization

Ans Diffraction

124) Laplace found that the alternate compressions and rarefactions produced in sound waves follow

A) Isothermal law
B) Adiabatic law
C) Isochoric law
D) Isobaric law

Ans Adiabatic Law

125) A train moving at a speed of 180 Km/hr takes 10 seconds to cross an electric pole. What is the length of the train?

A) 250 metres
B) 300 metres
C) 400 metres
D) 500 metres

Ans 500 meters

126) Fill in the blanks with the correct option.

Mirrors in a ____________room often give an _________of space.

A) spacious, Illusion
B) specious. aHuston
C) spacious, allusion
D) specious, illusion

Ans Spacious Illusion

127) Which of the following sentences is INCORRECT?

A) Rabi crops are usually harvested in October
B) Rice is predominantly a Kharif crop
C) Pulses are leguminous crops
D) Kharif crops are sown during the south-west monsoon season


128) What should come in the place of the question mark?


129) In a fine morning Rav and Surya were sitting in a park facing each other. Ravfs shadow was falling to his left. What direction Surya w as facing?

A) South
B) North
C) East
D) West

Ans South

130) What is the other name for Crocus sativus?

A) Saffron
B) Rajmah
C) Maize
D) Ganhar

Ans Saffron

131) The isotopes have similar

A) Mass numbers
B) Number of neutrons
C) Physical properties
D) Chemical properties

Ans Chemical Properties

132) A lead-acid battery is commonly used as a

A) Fuel cell
B) Solar cell
C) Primary Battery
D) Secondary Battery

Ans Secondary Battery

133) Matter changing from a solid to a gas is called:

A) Evaporation
B) Sublimation
C) Deposition
D) Melting

Ans Sublimation

134) In Harnessing nuclear energy the major problem is ______ ?

A) Split Nuclei
B) Sustain the reaction
C) Dispose off spent fuel safely
D) Convert nuclear energy into electrical energy.

Ans Dispose off spent fuel safely 

135) Who is the External Affairs Minister of India as on March 2016?
A) Salman Khurshid
B) Yashwant Sinha
C) Pranab Mukherjee
D) Sushma Swaraj

Ans Sushma Swaraj

136) Which river is also called Wanla river?

A) Zanskar
B) Yapola
C) Galwan
D) Tapi

Ans Yapola

137) When did South Sudan become the member of United Nations?

A) 2000
B) 2009
C) 2002
D) 2011

Ans 2011

138) Find the missing term of the series 7,13, 21, ?, 43

A) 28
B) 29
C) 30
D) 31

Ans 31

139) Which of the following is TRUE with respect to a Federal rule?

A) Sovereign power is formally divided between the state and the centre
B) Supreme power is lodged in the hands of a monarch
C) Executive branch exists separately from a legislature
D) A small group of individuals controls the government

Ans A

140) Which of the following is a system software?

A) Microsoft word
B) Antivirus software
C) Operating system
D) Office Suite Software

Ans Operating system

141) When did J&K Govt, propose 'stand still' agreements with India and Pakistan?

A) 15-08-1947
B) 15-08-1946
C) 12-08-1947
D) 12-08-1946

Ans 12-08-1947

142) Find the missing letter of the series A, D, ?, P, Y

A) I
B) J
C) K
D) L

Ans I

143) Which was the first OS to manage buffers, provide program sharing, and allow execution of assembly language programs?

A) Distributed Operating System
B) Centralized Operating System
C) BIND Operating System
D) SHARE Operating System

Ans Distributed Operating System
144) Which of the following is NOT one of the six official UN languages?

A) Arabic
B) Japanese
C) French
D) Spanish

Ans Japanese

145) Fill in the blank with the correct option.

We________ our house several years ago.

A) bought
B) have bought
C) buy
D) are buying

Ans Bought

146) What is the speed of a PCI bus on most of the computer systems?

A) 22MHz
B) 35MHz
C) 32Mhz
D) 33MHz

Ans 33 Mhz

147) Which of the following books of Marlon James won the Man Booker Prize 2015?

A) The Book of Night Women
B) John Crow's Devil
C) The Narrow Road to the Deep North
D) A Brief History of Seven Killings

Ans A Brief History of Seven Killings

148) Which place is known as the last bastion of Harappan Valley Civilisation ?

A) Burzahorn
B) Akhnoor
C) Manda
D) Leh

Ans Manda

149) When did the Battle of Buxar take place?

A) 1767
B) 1761 

Ans 1764

150) Jeevan was walking in the south direction. After walking some distance -e ::ok a left turn. Again after walking some distance, ne took a right turn. Which direction is he facing now?

A) North
B) South
C) East
D) North-East

Ans South


Some, Answer have been left, blank as there is some Doubt Over It. 

We will update the answers as soon as JKSSB releases the Official Answer Key.

Kindly Share your Marks in the comments section below and If you know the Answer to any Un Answered Question Or Doubtful Question, do let us know in comments section below. 

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  1. what would be the expeceted cut off

  2. Replies
    1. Can you please give the Expalination

    2. 10 is positive number and if you will add 10+10+10 this equals 30 and if you multiply it will become 1000 no other combination is possible

    3. It is, 11*10*9=990, which is the correct answer.

    4. 1 is not correct answer
      30 - (3+0) = 30 - 3 = 27
      37 - (3+7) = 37 - 10 = 27
      I don't know total such numbers which can give 27 by subtracting the sum of their digits

    5. Q11 10x+y-(x+y)=27
      30,31,32,33.....39 total 10

  3. hllo sir.. lgta hai aapka math kmzor hai...avg speed 96 aani thi na ki 1oo...avg speed 2xy/x y

  4. Q.148 its akhnokr.
    Q.11 ans is 10
    Q.126 ans is a not d
    Q.118 its laser printer.

  5. Some answers are wrong i checked them on net.. wrong answers are:
    Primary sewage.. its secondary
    Transition fill.. its gradient fill
    Dot matrix.. its laser printer..
    Odd number preceded by even:4 .. its 3
    Complementary, farther.. its complimentary, further
    Freeze on.. its freeze over
    ALU.. its kernel.
    And i am not sure about this one but it is 9 instead of 11.. if formula is to be used .. (100-1/9)-2

  6. Q.148 its akhnokr.
    Q.11 ans is 10
    Q.126 ans is a not d
    Q.118 its laser printer.
    Q.127 ans is a
    Q.131 ans is d
    Q.141 ans is a

    1. Man..
      It is 11.
      9 18 27 36 45 54 63 72 81 90 99 . Are perfectly divisible by 9

  7. For qstn no -2
    Answer is 10 i think

  8. Correct q no 2 it's answer is A

  9. 143.....A

  10. Q3-B,Q11-D,Q15-C,Q21-B,Q24-D,Q34-C,Q40-C,Q41-A,Q45-C,Q50-D,Q52-B,Q53-C,Q54-A,Q58-B,Q60-C,Q63-B,Q64-B,Q66-B,Q72-A,Q77-C,Q79-A,Q96-B,Q123-C,Q124-B,Q125-D,Q129-A,Q131-D,Q134-C,Q141-C,Q142-A,Q148-B,Q150-B

  11. Pls check these:

    Unidirectional bus is address bus

    Chief information commission assailed Omar Abdullah for making SIC a toothless body

  12. What will be expected cutoff?

  13. 2 cube -1square. 3 cube -2 square 4 cube -3square yhi pattern hai bhai g series ans 109

  14. The meaning of democracy is rule by the people. How is this wrong? Please explain.

    1. Que. 41 (c) Democracy is rule by the people.

  15. 65 doubtfu─║ acc to logic 1sq × (2+3),4sq (8+12)&3 sq(5+8)

    1. It is, (3sq-2sq)*1, (5sq-3sq)*2 and so on. Hence,the right answer is 980.

  16. This comment has been removed by the author.

  17. Enter your comment...the Ans. of Q40. is 109

  18. 54 : a . 55 : c 57 : c 58 : c 61 : d 63 : b 64 : c 67 : d 72 : a 77 : c 79 : a 97 ; a 123 : d 127 : b 131 : d 132 : d 143 : d . 5 : d(1kwh)

  19. @faiz khan , d ryt ans of q57 is 18 (2 8 8)

  20. What will b d expected cut off considering the difficulty level of the exam was much higher than previous years

  21. What will be the cut off considering the difficulty level of the exam was much higher than previous papers

  22. what would be the expected cutoff .....?

  23. Q40 is not wrong question it is right it is n^3 -(n-1)^2 series
    2^3 - 1^2 =7
    3^3 - 2^2 = 23
    4^3 - 3^2 = 55
    5^3 - 4^2 = 109
    6^3 - 5^2 = 191
    so answer is 109

  24. The right ans of q60 is(a)
    Q127 (a)

  25. plz check once again dear it is 12 not 18@ irshad

  26. Q62.a
    Q96.a or b

  27. Official answer key kab ayegi

  28. Enter your comment...Any views on cut off fr per the standard of paper

  29. Firstly paper should be cancel...there is alot of reason of cancellation ..from jk Base general there were only 15question asked but according to jkssb syllabus from jk Base 25question should be asked..2nd the current purane thi 2015 ki aur paper 29 may 2016 ka print huya tha ...3rd firse mass copying in badherwah this time there is lot of reason to cancel the exam

  30. Jkknowledge question-15
    rest of then asked from science and gk -68 question were asked from science and gk...this is the patron of jkssb disqusting

  31. For Q.No.65 no right option is

  32. Now many times people want cancellation,we are suffering ,,,is this fast track recruitment .. Shame on jkssb

  33. Longitudinal and transverse waves. Sound is transmitted through gases, plasma, and liquids as longitudinal waves, also called compression waves. It requires a medium to propagate. Through solids, however, it can be transmitted as both longitudinal waves and transverse waves.

    1. Sound is both transverse and longitudnal waves

  34. it was not the exam lol.. so y r u posting the ans key.. evry 1 has just googled the paper.. #RIP_SSB

  35. In Qno.139 option C is also correct in Qno.123 option D is also correct in Qno.41 all options are correct.I Qno.52 option C is also Qno.94 option D is also correct ....Total cheating

  36. the cutoff will b 75

  37. Answer keys updated now on official website of jkssb

  38. after going through the official answer key , my score is in between 105-110 , what are the chances of getting call for interview....

  39. After recent corrections done in answer key by jkssb, my score in general category is 110. What r ur scores? & What will be cut off?

  40. Find the best essays on is my friend's profile page. Salary In Pakistan

  41. Undergraduate study varies from graduate instruction in that it requires a greater amount of your time, inspiration, and exertion. 1z0-1057-21